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What Did New Zealand Do First? Despite being one of the last large landmasses to be turned into a nation, New Zealand is a nation of firsts. It is a leading country in social achievements, as well as
The Maori New Year in New Zealand Matariki is the Maori name given to the star cluster known as the Pleiades. For many iwis (tribes), seeing the star cluster rise before dawn around late-May early-Jun
Businesses from New Zealand What? THAT comes from New Zealand? There is this on-going joke about how no one has ever heard of New Zealand. Ok, so it is the newest populated country, so it has had a lo
Learn About the Maori Haka! Seeing the Haka performed live or even on the TV is a captivating experience. No wonder you want to learn more about the Maori Haka! You’ve come to the right place, a
Kia Ora! New Zealand has three official languages: English, New Zealand sign language and Maori, more commonly known as te reo Maori (or Māori if we are being perfectionists). English may dominate th
What Language Do They Speak in New Zealand? As one of the last nations to be established, New Zealand has a diverse number of languages used by its population. The three official New Zealand languages
A Quick Guide to the New Zealand People New Zealand is a young country and one that many of us are still learning much about! However, even in its brief history (in comparison to the rest of the world
Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas! So, you’re travelling in New Zealand during the festive season and you are struggling with what Christmas carols to sing something we can all relate to. Here, at NZ
Rugby Union in New Zealand If you have come to Aotearoa New Zealand to experience some culture, then rugby is a great place to start. Rugby, or more specifically, rugby union, is the official national
A Traveller’s Guide to Music in New Zealand The first European to set foot on New Zealand, Captain James Cook, famously said that the New Zealand music was, “harmonious enough but very dol
Is There Really a Rivalry Between New Zealand and Australia? Well, kind of. The rivalry between the two nations separated by the Tasman Sea is often described as a “sibling rivalry”, where
New Zealand Radio Stations Yes, radio is still alive in New Zealand and going strong with almost 30 radio networks and countless local stations. There’s a station for almost anything, serving Ne
Is New Zealand a Gay-Friendly Country? Absolutely! New Zealand is socially a progressive country where lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders are not only integrated but welcome members of society