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Pasta Recipes Easy to Cook When You’re Travelling! Ah, pasta. How you have kept the hunger locked away during our times of budget travel. Pasta is the go-to food for many backpackers because a)
Cook Great Meals on the Cheap in a Hostel or Holiday Park Kitchen Cooking in a hostel can be challenging. Some holiday park and hostel kitchens are awesome and actually look like professional chefs ki
Spice Up the Ultimate Backpacker Food In the category of cheap, yummy and nutritious food, eggs hold a very important part of the backpackers’ diet. Should it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner,
Healthy(ish) and Yummy Hostel Food in No Time at All! Hostels kitchens are often busy and backpackers are always on the go. In short, hostel food needs to be quick, healthy and yummy. Plus hostel food
The Best Indigenous New Zealand Ingredients for Cooking Whether you live in New Zealand, want to look out for local ingredients while you’re travelling, or just want to get some cultural inspira