South Island

The Wilderness of the West Coast You can’t stay in the Kahurangi National Park, in the north of the West Coast, for just one day. No seriously, there are so many multi-day walks, mountain biking
Natural Attractions in Golden Bay That Will Blow Your Mind! Over the Takaka Hill lies a land full of weird and wonderful natural features. Limestone rocks have created natural mazes. Caves exist with
What to Do in Collingwood, Golden Bay’s Cool Little Town For those exploring the top of the South Island and the fascinating Farewell Spit, or setting off on the four-day journey of the Heaphy T
What to Do in Takaka, the Hub of Golden Bay Tucked away in the northern corner of the South Island, Takaka is a town of creativity and natural beauty. Takaka boats a quirky and funky vibe, where it
The Takaka and Golden Bay Food Guide Who would have thought that over the hill in the remote region of Golden Bay there would be so much for foodies to enjoy?! The town of Takaka and its surrounding c
How to Visit Takaka on a Budget Takaka and Golden Bay are a dream for budget travellers. Most of the top things to see here are absolutely free to visit, while the paid activities are reasonably price
Things to Do in Takaka for Couples When a South Island road trip has led you over the Marble Mountain to the bohemian town and beautiful shores of Takaka, what is a couple to do to make the most of th
Food Tours and Activities in Takaka and Golden Bay Golden Bay holds many surprises. Over Takaka Hill, this quiet corner of the South Island boasts breathtaking coastal scenery, two national parks, vib
A Travel Guide to Takaka and Golden Bay Most tourists simply don’t bother venturing this far north in the South Island. That is, however, what makes the region of Takaka and Golden Bay so utterl
Plan a Family Trip to Takaka and Golden Bay Hidden over the “Marble Hill” with striking karst formations, the kids’ introduction to Takaka and Golden Bay is sure to be a memorable on
Family Activities in Takaka and Golden Bay Escape the tourist trail, over the karst-scattered landscape of Takaka Hill, to the bohemian town of Takaka and the surrounding Golden Bay area. As the name
How to Plan a Luxury Getaway to Takaka and Golden Bay Some might say that the remoteness and tranquillity of Golden Bay is the main luxury of this corner of the South Island, but that’s just the
Premium Tours in Takaka and Golden Bay In a destination as rich in creativity, wildlife and natural beauty as Golden Bay, the luxury experiences are something else. Let the scenic flights, horse treks
Plan a Romantic Getaway or Honeymoon to Takaka and Golden Bay Hidden over what they call the “Marble Mountain” in a stunning corner of the South Island, Takaka and Golden Bay offer a roman