South Island

Features of the Vanished World Trail Shark-toothed dolphins, whales, penguins and many more marine life used to swarm the Waitaki Valley millions of years ago. That was when the region was deep under
Penguins, Boulders, Penguins, Steampunk and Penguins Have you ever dreamed of going to a place like Victorian England with penguins? Well, haven’t we all?! Oamaru provides with its grand 19th-ce
Plan a Family Trip to Oamaru Like nowhere else in New Zealand, beautifully preserved Victorian-era heritage, wildlife and even sci-fi fantasy combine in the town of Oamaru. This creative town on the e
Things to Do in Oamaru for Couples Nature, history and creativity combine at this quirky little town in Coastal Otago. Oamaru is unlike anywhere else in New Zealand with its white limestone architectu
An Oamaru Food Guide Oamaru might be better known for its white limestone architecture, habitat for little blue penguins and fascination for all things “steampunk” but not many realise jus
A Travel Guide to Oamaru Welcome to one of the South Island’s most bizarre towns. And we mean that in a good way! Once you know about it, it becomes an unmissable destination. Perhaps because of
Family Activities in Oamaru Take the tribe to one of the most creative and, admittedly, bizarre towns of the South Island! Oamaru is where Victorian heritage, wildlife and sci-fi fantasy come to toget
How to Plan a Trip to Oamaru on a Budget Don’t worry about your budget; just seeing Oamaru is an experience. This large town on the coast of the South Island takes you back to the Victorian era
Plan a Romantic Getaway, Anniversary or Honeymoon to Oamaru With striking white limestone architecture and the vibrant blue Pacific Ocean ever in-sight, Oamaru basks in historical and natural charm. I
Food Tours and Activities in Oamaru The grand Victorian architecture, penguin colonies and its steampunk obsession are some of the things Oamaru is more famous for than food. But as the bustling town