South Island

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Things to Do in Akaroa Dolphins, seals, penguins, big hikes, small hikes and, errr, French stuff: there’s plenty of things to do in the town of Akaroa. Situated on the Banks Peninsula, a mere 1h
A Picture-perfect Peninsula! If you’re not here for dolphins, then you’re here for the landscape formed by volcanoes, and if you’re not here for the stunning scenery then you’r
What to Do in Lyttelton: The South Island’s Largest Port Through the historic Lyttelton Tunnel or over the scenic Dyers Pass lies the cool harbour settlement of Lyttelton. Its eroded volcanic ge
What to Do in Little River: The Gateway to the Banks Peninsula Leave the hustle and bustle of Christchurch behind and welcome to the “alternative” village of Little River. Whether you make
A Travel Guide to Akaroa and the Banks Peninsula Just a 90-minute drive from Christchurch, over the volcanic hills of the Banks Peninsula, you’ll emerge at the oldest town in the Canterbury regi
Family Activities in Akaroa A fascinating little town with rich French and Maori history amidst volcanic hills and harbours, Akaroa offers a refreshing retreat from the nearby Christchurch. That’
An Akaroa Food Guide Founded by French settlers in the 19th Century (and swiftly taken away by the British, but that’s a story for once you get there), Akaroa has preserved its heritage and cult
Food Tours and Activities in Akaroa Want to complement your visit to Akaroa with some foodie experiences? You’ve come to the right place; not just in reference to Akaroa as a destination but to
Plan a Luxury Trip to Akaroa and the Banks Peninsula Over the hill from Christchurch is a whole new world; a refreshing landscape formed by volcanic activity surrounded by fluorescent waters unlike an
Premium Tours in Akaroa and the Banks Peninsula With lush volcanic-formed hills, a charming small town with a French flair and surrounding vibrant turquoise waters, Akaroa is a place that deserves a l
Plan a Romantic Getaway, Anniversary or Honeymoon to Akaroa Once you make your way down the winding road, over the hills from Christchurch, and get that first glimpse of vibrant colours between the bl