North Island

A Travel Guide to New Plymouth Travel along the rugged west coast of New Zealand’s North Island and you’ll come across a city that takes many by surprise – not only for its art scene
Whangamomona: Not Part of New Zealand This quirky little town in the (although, it is controversial to say this) Manawatu-Wanganui Region in the North Island is its own republic. The republic is compl
The Best Stops on the Surf Highway Any road called “Surf Highway”, is going to be one awesome highway. State Highway 45 is a 105km scenic coast road between New Plymouth and Hawera in the
Take a Trip to Taranaki Where can you ski in the mountains in the morning and surf the waves in the afternoon? With just a 30-minute drive between the snowcapped Mt Taranaki and the surf beaches along
New Zealand’s Most Circular National Park Gracefully shaped, Mt Taranaki / Mt Egmont volcanic cone is the star of the Egmont National Park show. Reaching 2,518m (8,261ft), it has starred in a mo
Things to Do in New Plymouth New Plymouth is for the indecisive. By that, we mean New Plymouth has a bit of everything: the coast, the city, and the mountain. What’s more, which makes New Plymou
What to Do in Hawera, Taranaki The largest hub of South Taranaki is a must-see while travelling through the Taranaki region! Aside from taking a photo with the large cow sculpture outside of the Fonte
The Towns to Visit on Your South Taranaki Road Trip A road trip through South Taranaki is not complete without visiting these South Taranaki towns! In one of the North Island’smost off-the-beate
Awesome Activities in Stratford, New Zealand This New Zealand town deserves more than just a quick glance. Situated in the heart of the Taranaki region, Stratford is a quirky town rich in history, is
What to Do in Patea A town rich in culture and history, Patea is well worth stopping by on your Taranaki road trip! Located in the South Taranaki district, on the coast between Hawera and Waitotara, P
What to Do in Eltham, Taranaki Eltham might not be on the itinerary of most people travelling around Taranaki, but the intrigue of the characterful pioneer buildings and the vibrant murals are sure to
What to Do in Manaia, Taranaki If there was ever an award for the best smelling town in New Zealand, it would have to go to Manaia! This small town in Taranaki is nicknamed the “Bread Capital
What to Do in Opunake, Taranaki If you’re planning a road trip down Surf Highway 45, then you are in for a treat. The cool little surf/beach town of Opunake is sure to draw you in with its excel
Family Activities in New Plymouth From the slopes of Mt Taranaki to the shores of Fitzroy Beach, there’s plenty of family activities in New Plymouth to enjoy! Ideal for families on a budget, New