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The Ultimate Guide to the New Year in New Zealand You might as well do New Year‘s differently this year, especially since New Zealand sees the dawn of a New Year before (almost) everyone else du
Where to Visit in Autumn in New Zealand There’s something quite addictive about looking at pictures of New Zealand in the autumn (March, April and May). Some areas, in particular, are like walki
Waitangi Day: A Historical New Zealand Public Holiday On 6-February every year, New Zealanders celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi with a national public holiday. While
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Where to Visit in Spring in New Zealand It would be a crime not to hit the roads of New Zealand in spring! Drive past the fields of cute lambs leaping and bounding. Spring means time for docking lambs
Where to Visit in Summer in New Zealand Summertime is a time for celebration in New Zealand: Christmas, New Year’s and numerous festivals! Of course, there’s room for your beach getaways,
The Best New Year Festivals in New Zealand You’re leaving the year in an awesome country and you’re seeing in the new year in an, well, awesome country! That’s worth celebrating, rig
Presents that are Ideal for Travellers! Got an intrepid someone in your life that you just don’t know what to gift them? Getting presents for travellers is often a tough task due to the fact tha
The New Zealand Day of Remembrance On the lead up to April 25, you may start noticing the appearance of white crosses and red poppies in some communities, as well as seeing the phrase: “Lest we