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A Quick Guide to Visiting a Marae New Zealand’s Maori culture is yet another draw-card to this unique country. As the first settlers in New Zealand more than a thousand years ago, the Maori are
How to Find Greenstone in Hokitika Hokitika is world-famous for its sunset but, most importantly, its pounamu, also known as greenstone. The town brands itself as “Jade Country” and every
Learn About Maori Traditions in New Zealand Hangi, hongi, haka, poi, whanau, marae, tiki, Aotearoa… What does it all mean?! All becomes clear once you have partaken in a Maori cultural experienc
Remember Your Time in New Zealand with a Tattoo! Dating back all the way to the first Maori settlers in New Zealand, the tattoo culture here is pretty huge. So huge, in fact, that there is even a Nati
Unmissable New Zealand Maori Tours When you see performances of the Haka performed by New Zealand sports teams, you can’t help but want to dig a little deeper into the culture that this captivat