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The World’s Most Remarkable Light Show New Zealand is known for a lot of natural wonders, and Aurora Australis (The Southern Lights) has to be one of the most wonderful of all. But with the righ
Rotorua’s Free Natural Hot Springs The intense geothermal activity in Rotorua means there is no lack of thermal pools. The natural hot springs merge with cold streams or rivers making the ideal
Where to See Aurora Australis in New Zealand Aurora Australis is known to light up New Zealand’s skies with green and pink displays. Solar wind reacts with the gases in our atmosphere, which cre
Bathe in a Hot Spring for Free! Want to relax in one of New Zealand’s free natural hot springs? There are many free hot springs in New Zealand to enjoy. Finding them is just half the fun…
Bubbling Mud, Mysterious Forests, Colourful Lakes, Hot Pools… It’s All Here Within Reach of Rotorua! Let’s say it: Rotorua rocks! The place is a buzzing epicentre for travellers. Whe
The Most Beautiful Beaches in New Zealand With around 15,000km (9,320 miles) of coastline, it was hard to know when to end this list of New Zealand’s stunning beaches. Many beaches are known for
Who Doesn’t Like a Good Waterfall? We don’t know why, but rapids and water falling from a height makes us humans rather thrilled! With that in mind, we devised this list of some of the mos
You Thought That Rocks Were Boring? Think Again! If you hadn’t noticed, landscapes are a pretty big deal in New Zealand. Just another fundamental part of that is some of the wacky and weird rock
Where to Find Nudist Beaches in New Zealand New Zealand wouldn’t be the first country you think of when looking for nudist beaches. However, thanks to its European influence, there are a surpris
Spoiler Alert: Most of Them are on the South Island In New Zealand, you are never too far away from water! If it’s not by the fact that you will never be more than 2h30mins away from the sea, it
Where to Go Stargazing in New Zealand Have you ever seen the Milky Way‘s satellite galaxies or the Southern Cross? Or seen a sky so clear that you can watch a satellite move through the sky amon
What’s That Sound? It’s the sound of your mind-blowing as you just feast your eyes on a majestic New Zealand lake. That might sound like a bit of an overkill, but you’ll definitely u
Islands, Beaches, Waterfalls and Wildlife Sanctuaries Auckland: a traveller’s first stop for their travels in New Zealand… Usually. But let’s be honest, travellers in New Zealand are
Explore the Islands in New Zealand New Zealand is known for its two mainland islands, the North Island and the South Island. However, did you know there are hundreds of more islands off the coast of N
Visit These Amazing Natural Wonders of New Zealand! Natural wonders are the best wonders. If you want to see maggots that shoot light out of their buttocks, dinosaur lizards with three eyes, perfectly