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As much fun as you can have on two wheels! Well, we don’t like to exaggerate too much but we stand by the above statement! Commonly, the backpacker will go to a destination in New Zealand and tr
Trails for the pedalling Enthusiast! So much scenery, so little time. The South Island of New Zealand is truly a place to indulge in nature. One great way to get away from civilisation, challenge your
Bike the great lake! Nothing gets the thighs burning like the cycling trails around New Zealand’s largest lake! With forest parks and lots of uphill and downhill fun, there’s plenty of cha
‘Wheelie’ awesome rides in Reefton! Reefton: first of all, you might think: “Where the hell is that?” Sure, Reefton is not the most famous town in the West Coast region of New
Which bike trails to try in Otago. Snow-capped mountains, lakes, river gorges, dry deserted lands, farmland, vineyards… Otago has everything in terms of awesome inland landscapes. What better wa
Bike the volcano country. A volcanic plateau, lush dense native forests, sub-alpine amazingness… No, these are not the things that are usually advertised as the highlights ofRuapehu‘s bike
Some ‘whaking’ great rides! Who knew this coastal town on the North Island was so close to so many magnificent bike trails? In fact, mountain bikers are sure to find their fix of bumpy ter
“tyred” of the same old bike trails? All bad puns aside, Hawke’s Bay is, in fact, a place where there are so many bike trails that you would struggle to get tired of them! From mount
The ‘wheelie’ best rides in Auckland What? A city has something to offer mountain bikers and cyclists? Yes, Auckland is not just a gateway to the rest of New Zealand, as it is often descri
Have a “wheelie” great ride! Yes, Dunedin is yet another great location in New Zealand to get on your bike! The harbour city is well known for its gothic architectural marvels, such as the
Don’t be a psychopath, use the cycle path! Ahh, the quiet New Zealand countryside: feel the smooth tarmac under your bike tyres. Not a car in sight… Is the completely opposite experience t