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It Doesn’t Get as Unique as New Zealand! In this little corner of isolation in the South Pacific, New Zealand is a land of uniqueness. The country has evolved differently than the rest of the wo
Unique Adrenaline Activities Down Under It’s no secret that New Zealand is the country pumped with adrenaline. But some activities are a bit weirder than others. Of course, throwing yourself fro
Experience New Zealand Like a Boss! With magnificent landscapes and rare wildlife, New Zealand is the place for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The country is pumped with adrenaline; they’ve m
Calmly Cruising Down a River is Just Not the Kiwi Way… In the 1950s, Bill Hamilton attached a jet engine to a boat and invented the thrilling watersport of jet boating, which involves speeding d
Take the Leap at These Places to Bungy Jump in New Zealand New Zealand is the birthplace of the bungy jump, so to go home without doing one would almost be an insult to the country and an insult to yo
The Moments in New Zealand That Will Make Your Heart Pound New Zealand is not often described as a “scary” place. Adventurous, safe, stunning, easy-going, but not “scary”! Well
Get Your Auckland Adrenaline Fix In the world’s most adrenaline-filled country it comes as no surprise that you can start getting into the action as soon as you get off the plane. Auckland, New
Where to Do Commercial Paragliding in New Zealand Ever wondered what it’s like to fly? To feel nothing but the air beneath you and the wind taking you on a journey? Of course, you have! It’
Where to Go Quad Biking in New Zealand Quad bikes are a staple of New Zealand culture. They are the transport method of choice when Kiwis are working on their farming stations. What’s more, quad
Where to Find Adventure Tours and Adrenaline Activities in Queenstown Welcome to Queenstown, home of New Zealand’s most heart-pumping, undie-staining, breathtaking activities. They don’t c
Where to Do Commercial Hang Gliding in New Zealand Paragliding has to be the most underrated activity in New Zealand. Yes, we’re saying it! Which other activity allows you to fly in the lying po
Where to Find Adventure in Taupo After reading this list of the adventure activities in Taupo, you’ll realise why this small town on the edge of New Zealand’s largest lake is the adventure