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Where to Go for a Drink in Auckland Auckland is usually the first place backpackers arrive after an excruciatingly long flight. We think that deserves a responsible amount of alcoholic beverages. To p
Activities You Can Do at Night in New Zealand Some things are just better at night. We’re thinking of the wildlife that decides to be active in the dark, the amazing New Zealand night’s sk
Queenstown’s Must-visit Bars Queenstown is not only the “Adventure Capital of the World” but it seems to be competing for party capital too. The town centre is pretty much made up of
Nightclubs in Queenstown Who doesn’t like to go wild to the sound of blaring music? If you have one desire, and that desire is to dance, then you should head to these bars and nightclubs in Quee
Where to Go for a Drink in Wellington Part of any city life means going to a bar or two, right? In New Zealand’s capital city, you can find a contrast of bars along Courtenay Place. There are pl
Great Nights Out in Wellington In New Zealand’s cool little capital, one of the most cultural cities in New Zealand, you’re bound to have a night out like no other! Whether you’re lo
What to Do at Night in Auckland Probably the most vibrant place at night in New Zealand is Auckland. That’s unsurprising as it’s New Zealand’s largest city! Whether you’ve got
Auckland’s Best Bars and Nightclubs Backpackers have struck gold when it comes to nightlife in Auckland. As New Zealand is a popular backpacking country, the city has a host of backpacker bars w
The Best Bars in New Zealand for Backpackers Got some spare time to fill in an evening? Backpacker bars are a great way to meet like-minded people from all over the world. They are a good place to sta
What to Do at Night in Taupo The adventures in Taupo don’t have to end when the sun goes down. As a bustling town with hot pools, bars, cruises and a lake full of epic scenery (and trout), Taupo
The Best Evening Activities in Rotorua There are many awesome things about Rotorua and just one of them is that there are so many things to do in Rotorua at night! Rotorua is not only a city to experi
Pubs, Clubs, Ice Bars and Bar Crawls in Queenstown Aside from being the “Adventure Capital of New Zealand”, Queenstown also aptly has a reputation for being the “Party Capital”
Where to Party in Auckland One of life’s biggest questions is: where should I go to party in Auckland? And we are here to serve! There’s a whole host of nightclubs in Auckland, from the so
Where to Go for a Drink in Queenstown We get it, sometimes you just want to go for a quiet non-nonsense drink in Queenstown! Well, there are more than enough nice places for a couple of beers in Queen
What to Do in Christchurch at Night Christchurch is known for being one hell of an artsy city. The cultural hub of the South Island certainly comes alive at night with a vibrant nightlife full of ente