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Where to Get a Cheap Meal in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui The best way to save money on food when backpacking in New Zealand is always to cook your own food at your self-catering accommodation. However,
The Boat Cruises in New Zealand You Just Can’t Miss! Just try and keep us out of the water; staying off the water is just not the Kiwi way. With “heaps” of islands, sounds and lakes
Where to Find Affordable Restaurants in Nelson Well, this is not like us. Usually, we recommend saving the cents on food by making your own meals in your hostel, like in 11 Backpacker Tips to Save Mon
Natural (and Free) Things to Do in Eastland Nature has packed a lot into the Eastland region of the North Island, also known as the East Coast or Gisborne region. In the most inland part of the region
Where to Get a Cheap Meal in Taupo Although we always encourage you to cook meals for yourself in your hostel to save money on food while travelling in New Zealand, sometimes the lure of cafes, bars a
Where to Get a Cheap Meal in Wellington We know, we know, you can save so much more money on food by cooking in your hostel. But what if one night, you don’t want to cook? What if the alluring s
How to Find Free or Cheap Ski or Snowboard Gear in NZ The Southern Hemisphere ski season is fast approaching and you intend to make the most of that good white stuff! (We mean snow, for God’s sa
The Must-Do Activities for Backpackers in New Zealand New Zealand is the country for bucket list activities! Not only will you tick off those once-in-a-lifetime adventure activities, but you’ll
Kaikoura on a Budget We get it! In between the dolphin swims, whale watch cruises and eating plates of crayfish, doing things in Kaikoura can get a little pricey. Give your wallet a break by also spen
Which Multi-day Hikes in New Zealand Have Free Accommodation? So you’ve heard the news: multi-day hikes in New Zealand aren’t cheap. The appeal of hiking is how it puts the “freeR
Where to Find Cheap Food Deals in New Zealand Let’s be honest, although the cheapest way to feed yourself is to buy groceries and cook for yourself, sometimes you just want to treat yourself. Wh
Cheap Food in Rotorua We all know that Rotorua is packed with adventure, Maori and nature experiences, but the North Island city also has a surprising foodie scene. From traditional Maori food to deli
Wellington Art Galleries and Museums You Can’t Miss! Wellington is the capital city with many nicknames, one being the “Creative Capital”. There’s always somewhere to inspire y
Cheap Food in Whakatane When travelling on a budget, saving money on food is essential to keeping the costs low. While the best way to save money is to make your own meals, trying the local cuisine is
Walking Trails in Invercargill Invercargill is an amazing city to stretch your legs. There are a surprising array of landscapes accessible from within the city, from bushwalks to river walks. If you&#