New Zealand

A 12-month Roadie! Have you ever thought: “Screw this, I’m going backpacking for a year”? By simply being on this website right now, we guess you have and you’ll probably want
All Great Road Trips Begin with a Plan. A Plan to Get a Van! Our preparation for the New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year took us on a mini road trip in itself from Auckland to the Bay of Islands to A
Our Home for a Year One month from now, we, Robin and Laura, are embarking on a 12-month road trip of New Zealand. Of course, we can’t get anywhere without a vehicle. Our vehicle of choice is a
What is that Smell? That smell is a new adventure on the horizon. That smell is an impending road trip across New Zealand for a whole year. That smell… Well, the biggest smell of all is coming f
“Somewhere deep in the New Zealand wilderness is a hidden beach. Only the very brave dare seek it out…” is what we were expecting to find when we saw photos of Whites Beach on Instag
There’s something about watching wild dolphins that remedies any problem. Honestly, doctors should prescribe a dolphin watching tour. Got a broken arm? Dolphins! Depressed? Dolphins! Have an inf
Every time we meet people new to Auckland and they are looking for something relatively cheap and fun to do, we always suggest they get their butts to Rangitoto Island. This time we decided to join so
Today, we thought we’d share a special place with you. A place where we have spent A LOT of time recently – the Auckland Domain. One reason being, it’s the wildest area in Auckland C
Who knew that our campervan would take us on so many little adventures… to get it fixed?! Our latest campervan issue, (the fact that the fridge is busted and stinks), brought us to the small tow
It’s here! It’s really here! “What? What is here? Your New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year? It’s finally happening?!” We hear you cry. No, our campervan water heater has
This is it: the last leg of our preparation for the New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year. Tomorrow, we’ll be embarking on our biggest adventure ever! As we pack up our city life in Auckland, thi
Our last day in the big city was pretty full-on, like our life has mostly been leading up to the New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year (starting tomorrow, OMG!) We were bouncing all around the Auckland