New Zealand

What do you do when it is pouring down with rain? Pour yourself 22 glasses of wine… Marlborough is the most famous wine region in New Zealand, thanks to the hours and hours of sunshine the area
Picton, you have rightfully earned the name Epic-ton. We may have joked about it as we arrived on the ferry a couple of days ago, but after today’s mountain biking adventure above the Marlboroug
We’ve seen Marlborough’s fancy side on a wine tasting tour, we’ve seen the Marlborough Sounds by water when delivering mail and from land on an adventurous mountain biking trip, but
We just can’t wait to get outside. We feel like kids again, trying to finish our work as quickly as possible and stuff down our cooked breakfast made by Pam and Ian at the Okiwi Bay Holiday Park
Ian and Pam from the Okiwi Bay Holiday Park have a surprise for us this morning, (other than with a delicious breakfast). It looks like we’re going to have a morning paddle in the bay! Our Okiwi
If we were amazed to see a weka in the wild just the other day when we started our hike in Okiwi Bay the other day, that was nothing compared to what we wake up to today! The flightless native New Zea
Staying at Okiwi Bay Holiday Park last night was the right decision! We are so glad we didn’t attempt to drive Nelson in the zombie-like state we were in. This morning, we are feeling fresh! Plu
Update: Founders Brewery is not currently operating. Life in the Tasman Bay Backpackers begins with free breakfast! We are surprised to see that this isn’t your normal Budget bread toast, jam an
Golden Bay is a fantasy land hidden out of sight from the rest of the rest of the South Island – no, really it is! Yesterday, we saw springs that looked too clear and blue to be real. And today,
To get to some places in New Zealand is quite a mission. Today’s mission is to see Farewell Spit, New Zealand’s longest sandspit which stretches about 35km out to sea! The problem is, you
Our meeting point this morning: The Takaka Hill. Yes, we are driving all the way back up the steep and winding roads of the stunning Takaka Hill complete with all its incredible rock formations to go
We are idiots! We did not schedule enough time in Golden Bay. This is one of those places in New Zealand that you need to spend a few days, no, a week or two in, to visit all the must-see locations. W
Abel Tasman, we have been on the edge of you and kayaked at the end of you, but we have still yet to explore that coastal centre of yours. (Ok, this blog post is getting off to a weird start). Today,