New Zealand

It’s Day 100 on New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year! Wahoo! Did we succeed to do 100 activities in New Zealand in 100 days? Hell yeah, we did! And the adventure continues in the West Coast regi
Can you believe our time in the Abel Tasman has finally come to an end?! It has been so action-packed that the last few days have just flown by. We have hiked to a backcountry hut in the “Promis
Abel Tasman, we have been on the edge of you and kayaked at the end of you, but we have still yet to explore that coastal centre of yours. (Ok, this blog post is getting off to a weird start). Today,
We are idiots! We did not schedule enough time in Golden Bay. This is one of those places in New Zealand that you need to spend a few days, no, a week or two in, to visit all the must-see locations. W