New Zealand

You might think that all the action in the Bay of Islands is out on the water, but there are plenty of thrills to be had at the land-based activity we are checking out today! Before hitting the Waitan
This morning, we need to squeeze an activity in before we have to travel all the way to Whangarei Hospital today for Robin to get another check-up on his broken arm. We don’t think a trip to the
It’s with glitter all over the bed that Robin wakes up this morning. Unfortunately, this is not because of a crazy disco night, but because his broken arm is cast in blue fibreglass with a red s
355 days ago, we set off on a mega trip around New Zealand to do 365 Activities in 365 Days. With only 10 days to go, we are still finding awesome adventure activities. New Zealand is the country that
We’ve woken up in some pretty awesome locations in New Zealand over the last 357 days of our 365-long trip, but perhaps none of them have been quite as unique as gently rocking on The Rock boat
Update: Time Out Tours is not currently operating. When you wake up the next morning and find that you still have sand in your ears, you know you have explored the sand dunes of the Far North right! S
Before we kick this story off, we have to take a moment to say: Only six more days to go!!!!!! Ah, on the final leg of our 365 Days: 365 Activities, we couldn’t imagine being in a better place t
Update: Labyrinth Woodworks has now changed location. Today is all about the hidden gems and stumble upons! We didn’t have much of a plan this morning for our activity on Day 361 of 365 Days: 36
Not many of us would think to walk in the forest after dark. There’s no good reason to do so in New Zealand other than, well, it’s dark! But tonight, we are about to discover why a walk in
It’s our final day in Hokianga, the New Zealand home of the first Maori explorers, and today we are going to explore more of the coastline. We’ve travelled inland to waterfalls, and walked
Three more days to go! Out final stretch of travelling for these 365 Days: 365 Activities is taking us down the Kauri Coast on our way back to Auckland for one last epic day. We are so keen to make th
It’s almost here: the finale of New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year. 365 Days: 365 Activities! We are on the home straight back to where it all begun, making our way down the Kauri Coast of Nor
When we arrived at the Kauri Coast Top 10 Holiday Park yesterday, we were stoked to find out that these guys run their own kiwi spotting tour after dark! It’s an affordable way to increase your
Here we are, back in Auckland city – the place where the crazy 365 Days: 365 Activities began. It’s our final day of this epic journey, but how to do celebrate the finale of such a momento