New Zealand

Waking up to the sound of pitter-pattering of rain on the roof among the sound of native birds is a different kind of paradise to the one were expecting on Waiheke Island, but we kind of like it. Our
We admit when we first planned our trip to Waiheke Island, we imagined paddle boarding on the still waters backed by sunny beaches, sipping wine in the sun, eating fish and chips on the beach… W
Finally, on our last morning here in Waiheke Island and we see the island the way it’s seen on the postcards: sun reflecting off a coast made up of forest-topped cliffs and white sandy beaches.
Welcome to the start of the final leg of our 365 Days: 365 Activities where we’re exploring the “Winterless North” of New Zealand! Well, it doesn’t feel quite so “winterl
Places like Kaikoura might be famous for its wildlife, but we are definitely on a wildlife streak up here in New Zealand’s northernmost region. We started our trip up north with a stop at the Go
Caves! Who doesn’t love a good cave? The adventure, delving into the unknown, the stalactites and (in New Zealand) the glowworms! The city of Whangarei has its very own set of caves to explore a
How has it taken us so long to visit Whangarei Falls? The iconic natural attraction of the Northland city is usually the one thing that people see if they are just “passing through”, so it
New Zealand’s birds are pretty freakin’ amazing. Many of our activities of this 365 Days: 365 Activities have included hiking through New Zealand’s forests where we profusely describ
You can always rely on New Zealand for a good hike! It’s one of the best ways to soak in scenery and what’s more, it’s free! Whangarei, which has no shortage of hikes, has already tr
We need somewhere in Whangarei that’s not going to be too full-on. Somewhere easy-going, somewhere that doesn’t demand too much from its visitors. That’s not our usual ethos in findi
Our Northland adventure continues today to the famous Bay of Islands! This area of New Zealand is steeped in history where New Zealand was established as a nation and where the first capital city was.
So let’s address the elephant in the room. We are doing the Twin Coast Cycle Trail but… we’re not cycling it? What the hell?! Well let’s recap to a day and a half ago when Robi
We would like to unofficially call this blog post: “A Day of Randomness in the Bay of Islands”. Although none of the activities we do today necessarily go together, it just goes to show th
Paihia, here we come! We are finally making it to the hub of water adventures right here in the Bay of Islands. Arriving in the coastal town as the sun is rising through the fog and across the sea is
The Bay of Islands is not just a place to enjoy beaches and island-hopping. A lot of New Zealand’s significant history occurred here, as we already discovered at the Kerikeri Mission House. It&#