New Zealand

It has to be done, right? When you arrive at a place as beach-side-beautiful as Mt Maunganui and there is a huge vantage point on your doorstep, it has to be climbed! We’re wasting no time to do
Kia Ora from sunny Tauranga! It might be a bit soon in our stay in the Bay of Plenty’s main hub of surf, sand and city life, but we feel like heading on one of the cities must-do day trips: McLa
We are stoked! During our 365 Days: 365 Activities, we have seen a fair few glowworms. We’ve even done some pretty awesome kayaking missions, but never have we had the two put together! Yep, tod
Update: Escape Masters in Tauranga is not currently operating. A city isn’t a city without something ‘going on’! Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty is no exception as we discover today at
Things are happening in Tauranga! That can’t be said for everywhere in New Zealand so today we are taking advantage of the ‘city life’ by hitting a few events that the city has to of
Dolphins! How can you not get excited about dolphins?! Today is going to be our first dolphin encounter (hopefully) on the North Island and we just… can’t… wait! Let’s do this!
So if you have ever read’s stories before, you might know that Robin and Laura are challenging themselves to 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand. It’s New ZealandR
If you want a bit of sunshine in your life, then come to the Bay of Plenty. In the middle of autumn, it feels like the summer we experienced in the South Island – nothing too crazy hot, but just
It’s our final day here in Tauranga, and what better way to celebrate than with a free activity?! (Well, there are probably heaps of better ways to celebrate but when you’re a backpacker,
326 days ago, we were leaving the city we lived in to start a slightly insane challenge: 365 Days in New Zealand Doing 365 Activities. We were driving on State Highway One heading south in a giant cam
Here we are waking up in Auckland with a hangover and rain crashing against the windows of ACB Base. Luckily for us, our activity today should remedy both of these – well, it won’t “
In the urban jungle that is Auckland Central, did you know that you can escape to various bush-clad and wildlife-filled off-shore islands? From the volcanic Rangitoto Island to the beaches and vineyar
So far, our time in Auckland has probably been the most diverse out of all the places we visited around New Zealand. It’s true! Of course, we have had those “big city” experiences, s
As we gaze out of the Fullers‘ ferry window getting absolutely caned by the intense rain and rough seas, we think this is not exactly the journey to the island paradise of Waiheke Island we were