New Zealand

As we have seen over the last few days, Lake Taupo is one impressive lake. Not only is it the largest lake in New Zealand, so large that it is said it is the size of Singapore, it is also the world
Update: Souvenir Outlet is now called “Four B”. Taupo has had us trout fishing and sailing on the great Lake Taupo, kayaking and jetboating on the Waikato River, and skydiving over it all
In between the likes of skydiving, kayaking and jetboating in Taupo, we are happy to have some downtime. Who are better at the art of “downtime” than locals? Luckily for us, Robin has a fr
We don’t think we’ll ever get tired of waking up to the views of Lake Taupo. New Zealand’s largest and most magnificent lake is ever in sight in the town of Taupo, and Haka LodgeR
Today involves a whole lot of rapids: rapids from a dam release and riding rapids on a jet boat! We should really savour this day, as it could just be the most rapid-y day of our lives. Let’s be
If you thought yesterday was rapid-y fun, then you haven’t met today! It’s time to hit the white water of the Tongariro River! Our day begins rocking up to the Rafting New Zealand Adventur
Ah New Zealand, you are always keeping us on our toes! New Zealand is renowned for its dramatic change in scenery in such a short distance. The drive between Turangi and National Park Village couldn&#
If we are already blown away by watching the sunrise over the North Island from our room at the Skotel Hotel & Backpackers, which sits at the base of Mt Ruapehu, imagine what it’s going to b
Did you really think we would go 365 Days of 365 Activities without doing the most popular day hike in the country?! The time has finally come to tackle the Tongariro Alpine Crossing! By now, you have
Waking up with aching muscles reminds us of the epic mission over the Tongariro Crossing yesterday, but makes us pretty thankful for today’s adventure: a jet boat ride along the Whanganui River
We’re back in Ohakune, Carrot Capital of New Zealand! Well, we’re not having much to do with the likes of carrots while we’re here in Ohakune, no matter how well they make us see in
We wake up to the sound of pattering on the roof of the Kings Lodge in Ohakune. Oh, it’s going to be one of those days is it? We are meant to be doing the first part of the two-day Timber Trail
As the sun rises, we see an atmospheric fog weaving its way between the forested mountains from the windows spanning one entire wall of the Timber Trail Lodge lounge. Today, we are delving into that v