New Zealand

A short drive “over the hill” reveals a great view of the little town of Wairoa that we explored yesterday, as well as takes us towards Iwitea. The Out on a Lim base is easy enough to spot off the r
A fiery red hue lights up the clouds, reflecting off a landscape of a lake surrounded by mountains to which we are on the side of one of them at the Byre B&B and Backpackers. We sit at the very sa
The Te Urewera Rainforest: it holds heaps of hidden gems, such as countless waterfalls and stunning tracts of native forest. In the middle lies the humongous and insanely clear Lake Waikaremoana, whic
In New Zealand, you can’t avoid rainy days but you can sure find some perfect rainy day activities. As we huddle in the car on the now-sleek and slippery gravel/mud roads of Te Urewera, playing
Our plan today is to check out the Mahia Peninsula, famed for its rugged coastal scenery and awesome surf beaches. However, the wind and rain is raging today (New Zealand likes to throw these weather
If you were only to have one day in Gisborne, which we are so happy that’s not the case for us, then what we do today makes a pretty awesome itinerary. Today, we are cramming three activities, (
There are many ways to explore a city: driving from point A to B, taking a bus, seeing how far your feet will take you, etc. Today, we are exploring the city of Gisborne by bike! Yes, we have been in
It’s our last full day in Gisborne and we’re going to enjoy it in a more relaxed “treat-yo-self” pace. Not every day can be surfing, Rere rocksliding and tandem biking. So toda
Gisborne is the first city in the world to see the light of the new day, so we can’t leave “Gizzy” without seeing that first light for ourselves. Dive Tatapouri have made it easy for
We must have really been sleeping in a Maori ancestor’s womb last night because, man, we had a good night sleep! Last night was the first night of our 365 Days: 365 Activities that we slept in a
This is it: Eastland coast sunrise #3! We’ve seen just how beautiful an Eastland sunrise is while surfing in Gisborne and we saw a stellar sunrise from Tatapouri with immense colours in the sky.
If you have not figured out from the last two posts, Eastland is a fantastic place for road trips. If New Zealand itself didn’t have enough to explore then travelling the North Island on the eas
It’s like God is taking a shower and Opotiki is her shower tray… That’s our weird way of saying it is p*ssing it down with rain here in Opotiki on the Bay of Plenty. Our plan today w