New Zealand

For some reason, New Zealand towns and cities like to give themselves a little nickname. If it’s not the “Sausage Capital of New Zealand” it’s “The Garden City”, li
Waiting outside the Canterbury Museum, we watch as small groups of people calmly climb onto coaches taking them to Queenstown, Akaroa and the next leg of wherever the Chinese tour bus is going…
Part 1 – The Awesome Part of Day 219 Man, there were two hours of our day today where we didn’t think we were going to make it to tonight’s Pohatu Penguins tour. From the moment we
So we’re back on track in Akaroa and 365 days doing 365 activities thanks to loads of amazing people. After the unfortunate campervan incident of yesterday, we were left homeless and transportle
We’ve been in Akaroa long enough to have heard the story of the French settlers of Akaroa. (And yes, two days is long enough to hear the stories). Evidence of it is all around the town, from the
New Zealand is a land of extremes. If it isn’t celebrating its really BIG things, like giant paua shells and gumboots, then it’s being the home to some of the world’s smallest (and l
Happy New Year! There’s no place we’d rather be rolling into 2017 than Akaroa. The sun is out, it’s freakishly hot, and the turquoise waters of the Akaroa are calling, this time with
Oh Akaroa. It’s a bit like a wonderland all the way out here on the Banks Peninsula with its French flare town, turquoise sea water, green grassy hills, and an abundance of wildlife. We mean, wh