New Zealand

Update: Morlea Farm is not currently operating. “Hello! Hello! Welcome!” The roar of our old campervan must have been heard down the gravel roads leading to Morelea Farm, just outside Fair
Today, we have nothing planned. Whaaaaaat?! Yes, that’s right, we are going with the flow “But wait a minute, guys, what happened to your 365 days doing 365 activities?” we hear you
No matter where you are in New Zealand, there is always some wild adrenaline adventure less than an hour away. Nothing is too far in New Zealand! And oh look, we just happen to have an example of that
Wow, it feels like a long time since we have done New Zealand’s most popular activity, hiking! 25 days to be precise! That’s not to say there hasn’t been the opportunity to hike, but
There’s something about Peel Forest, just outside of Geraldine, that keeps drawing us in. Yesterday, we found ourselves on the Peel Forest Road in search of an awesome hike, and the day before w
Today is one of those days. Yep, you even get them on an epic gap year in New Zealand doing 365 Days: 365 Activities. When the first thing goes wrong, you think, hey it’s no big deal… But
Our time in Geraldine, along with its adventures in white water rafting, horse trekking, hiking and getting a brand new dent in our campervan, has come to an end. We play one last round of swingball i
Wendy and Ian really know their stuff. Our hosts at the Mt Hutt Bunkhouse seem to be the only ones who know about a reserve at the bottom of the Mt Hutt Ski Field road with a selection of hikes and a
Day 209 is a very special day on this road trip of 365 days doing 365 activities. Today is Robin’s birthday! What better way to celebrate than to be in Methven, New Zealand?! In true birthday pa
“And… that was the turn off…” Laura says as we drive right past the road hidden by a cluster of large pines. Washpen Falls is really taking the term “hidden gem” qu
Since arriving in Methven a few days ago, it has been the locals who have pointed us to some truly awesome hikes and activities around the area. Today, we are breaking the mould and following the exce
Our final day in Methven is celebrated with a classic Methven activity: the Methven Walkway. Conveniently placed on the outskirts of the small town, the Methven Walkway can be walked from our accommod
Finally, the time has come to spend time in one of New Zealand’s most iconic cities. It’s the South Island’s largest, with everything from surf, vibrant city life, art, food and gard
Yes, we can even make Christmas Eve feel epic on a New Zealand gap year! Instead of doing the same thing every year, whether its actually celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve as Robin would do if he
It’s Christmaaaaaaasss! As we all know, Santa starts his journey through the Southern Hemisphere, with New Zealand being one of the first countries he visits. Although we don’t have a Chri