New Zealand

Our marine wildlife adventure continues for the third day in no other than Kaikoura! The deep ocean trench with a complex system of currents sitting just off the coast of the South Island town provide
Trekking what now?! Yes, did you know that Kaikoura, the town famous for its proximity to fascinating marine wildlife like whales, dolphins and seals, is also one of very few places you can go llama t
Seals: you’re bound to see them lying on rocks all over the coast of the South Island. They’re likely to fill up your camera lens sleeping on “Seal Rock” in Milford Sound, play
The top of the South Island is so fascinating. New Zealand is so appealing to travellers because you can have different experiences in totally different landscapes within a two-hour driver of each oth
So it begins! Anyone’s time in Blenheim usually involves at least a tipple of wine in New Zealand’s largest wine-making region. Admittedly for us, we are going full-out. Today, we’re
Man, are we glad to be Blenheim at day 245 of this 365 Days: 365 Activities! After 245 days of budgeting on the food and alcohol (well, mostly), eating a rotation of pasta, burritos, bland curries (we
With the town of Blenheim surrounded by hectares and hectares of vineyards, you wouldn’t assume there was anything more to New Zealand’s largest wine-making region. But, amongst all the fo
… And back to the top of the South Island! Yes, we are back in Picton, a place that appears to still be taking our breath away as we travel the highway between forested mountains, to then reveal
Another day in the Marlborough Sounds means another day in paradise! We rock up to the Beachcomber base at Picton Wharf dressed in our thinnest and coolest attire expecting a scorcher of a day like we
When you walk into a hostel’s kitchen to the smell of freshly baked scones and knowing that they are you are going to be enjoying them (for free, no less), you know you have found a winner. We a
Today is bittersweet. Day 250 marks the day that we finish with our time on the South Island during this 365 Days: 365 Activities. It has been one hell of an adventure exploring as many nooks and cran
… But not at the same time… … Although, after seeing how much we’ve improved on our stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) this morning, we definitely think we could spend a day on a S
Just 10 minutes down the road from our seaside hostel, Moana Lodge, is an obstacle course reaching more than 30 metres in the trees. It’s called Adrenalin Forest, and we are keen as a bean! So w
Our time in Aoraki Mt Cook National Park has upped this 365 Days: 365 Activities to a higher level… Both metaphorically and literally! Only 30 minutes into our arrival at the base of the Souther