New Zealand

A Kiwi guy has a hobby. He likes to make delicious artisan cheese. He sets up his own cheese factory. He invites travellers, backpackers… anyone to come and taste his cheese. He makes backpacker
Southland, what activity do you have for us today?! Our Southland adventure has brought us to the city of Gore, not only New Zealand’s “Trout Fishing Capital” but also New Zealand’s “Co
6am, even before the keas start pecking our campervan roof and the bellbirds start warbling, we have hit the Milford Road. We’re leaving the stunning mountainous landscape and the rainforest of
On the road again! Today, we leave the comforts of the Lumsden Hotel and hit the road towards Tuatapere. Somewhere in between, we’ll do some casual caving for an hour or so… Because that&#
Tuatapere is a town you can rely on when things don’t quite go to plan. Although we want to do part of the famous Humpridge Track today, the forecast for “The Hump” on the very south
Update: Hump Ridge Jet has changed its name to Wairaurahiri Wilderness Jet. Things aren’t done half-heartedly in Southland. Today we are going on a jet boat ride. No, a jet boat excursion throug
Update: Invercargill Brewery is not currently operating. Next stop: the most southern city in the world, the home of the tuatara, the hub of Southland, the land settled by the Scottish… ThatR
Update: The Southland Museum is not currently operating. The token museum visit: you can’t go wrong, can you? Now that we are in Invercargill, the hub of Southland, we can’t not visit the
We love you Southland, but why do you keep raining on us? It might be spring here in New Zealand, but it’s like the atmosphere is trying to squeeze every last drop on our heads before summer arr
It’s our last day in the super friendly and most southern city of Invercargill and we are going to commemorate this moment the best way: with chocolate! That’s right, we have been recommen
Our 365-day road trip is taking us south – further south than most people ever go. The next stopover the Southern Ocean would be Antarctica. But you’d never think that the golden sandy sho
It honestly feels like life moves at its own pace in Stewart Island. It’s a holiday away from our holiday on the southernmost populated island in New Zealand. In the true holiday spirit we are g
A loud high-pitched hissing noise echoes through the forest-covered sand dune surrounding the Mason Hut: the unmistakable and (not very graceful) call of the female kiwi bird. This is our most likely
It’s our last day of a “holiday” on New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year! We start making our way back to the South Island from Stewart Island at 3.30pm. But we think we can squeeze one more a
Aoraki Mt Cook: it doesn’t get more alpine than this! We can even see the peak of New Zealand’s highest mountain as we leave Twizel. The closer we get, the more the giant mountain fills up