New Zealand

The water is crankin’! It rained in force all last night, making us a bit surprised when we receive a phone call saying the Black Abyss wet caving tour is still running today. We are still good
We say goodbye to an epic week in Waitomo and say hello to an epic day in Raglan. Yes, we’re heading back to Raglan! Not only do we want to play with the new beagle puppy at Raglan Backpackers,
Update: Matapihi Art Gallery is not currently operating. Winter is in full swing in the northern North Island of New Zealand, which means rain, rain and more rain. Our usual solution for battling the
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Something wakes us up in the dead of night. There is an epic thunderstorm happening outside of the Raglan Backpackers. Laura is shaking like a sh*tting dog because her sleepy subco
Laura, Robin and the beasty campervan are back on the road again! The campervan even passed it Certificate of Fitness (COF) this morning, so we are good to go “on an adventure!” This excellent news
Waikato, we’ve had our extreme ups, like caving in Waitomo, surfing and canyoning in Raglan, and sipping glorious tea at Zealong, and a few downs, like getting the bad news that we’ve been
Notice: No goats, cows or sheep were harmed during the making of this blog post. The Forgotten World: there’s something extremely enticing about that name that begs for this part of New Zealand
If we felt like we were going fast yesterday using our own peddle-power on the RailBikes, today’s jet boating mission along the Whanganui River is going to blow our freakin’ minds! But, li
Here, there and nowhere: that’s the road trip plan for today. More specifically, we start our journey on the Forgotten World Highway. However, before we set off from Taumarunui, the start of the
If you have ever wondered what a Kiwi family living in the part of New Zealand known as the “Forgotten World” gets up to on a Sunday, then you, my friend, are about to find out. All five kids of the
We have left New Zealand. That’s right, we are now within the territory of the Republic of Whangamomona! Last night we arrived at the home of the republic, the Whangamomona Hotel and stayed the
After days spent along the Forgotten World Highway surrounded by mountainous terrain, we’re now in New Plymouth, a coastal city in the Taranaki region with the ever unmissable view of the volcan
We’ve seen New Plymouth by coast, now it’s time to see it by sea. Peter from Canoe & Kayak Taranaki is going to take us out on the water today to the Sugar Loaf Islands! The drive to C
The more we stay in New Plymouth the more surprises we’re encountering. It’s got the mountain. It’s got the sea, the surf and the islands. It’s got the music and the art (which
How did we underestimate this city? When you see New Plymouth on the map, you can only assume it’s a farming community that happens to be near an effing huge volcano. We did not expect to find a