New Zealand

Treat yo’self! Or should we say, tea-t yo’self? A big part of city travel is tasting the local cuisine, having a few beverages, and meeting some cool locals. Today, we’re taking a br
We are faced with a classic backpacker problem: what to do on a rainy day? Hamilton is famous for its outdoor attractions, such as the Hamilton Gardens and the Zealong Tea Estate (which we did yesterd
Today we are stopping off at the must-see Bridal Veil Falls on the way to the must-visit surf town of Raglan. (Ok, everything is a must in New Zealand). We have a few things to do this morning, such a
Raglan exudes a relaxed atmosphere – a slower pace of life. As long as there’s surf and others to share it with, people seem pretty happy here in the North Island surf town. We’re (t
How can you wake up in Raglan Backpackers and not want to surf? There’s wetsuits hanging in the garden courtyard area, surfs towels just drying off from the day before, and freakin’ surf b
Hamilton, here we come (again). If you recall from our last trip to Hamilton, we had a Certificate of Fitness (COF) check on our van to make sure it is still legal to be on the roads. Unsurprisingly,
Ok, today we need to sort our sh*t out. Because our campervan is going in for repair for two weeks (see previous blog post), we are going to be travelling in a rental camper from Jucy. However, we are
Today is a day for mingling. We’re mingling with the locals, mingling with the farm animals, and mingling with some of world’s rarest birds. You know, the usual. A sheepy start to the day
Our hosts, Steve and Lorraine from Arapuni Backpackers, are keen as a bean to show us around their little Waikato town today. What better way to find the secret spots than for a local to show you? We&
We have a very special appointment today – an appointment with none other than the Mayor of Otorohanga, New Zealand’s town for Kiwiana. Mayor Max Baxter will be joined by the Kiwiana Commi
Glowworms! We are going to be spending a LOT of time with these bright and shiny maggots over the next few days, checking out as many of the attractions, both free and paid, as we can! Day and night!
After the black water rafting adventures of yesterday in the Waitomo caves, we’re thinking of taking it down a notch for today’s Waitomo activity – something less wet, because someti
Rain pelts down in force, pitter-patting on the roof of our campervan. It rocks from side to side in the high winds and makes for a long and noisy night… so Robin says. Laura slept through the w
Update: The Black Odyssey Tour is not currently operating. Other tours are still available with The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co, such as The Black Abyss Tour. Sometimes you just don’t want