New Zealand

Opening the front door in the morning to a new “back garden” of steep forested hills and the sound of the nearby flowing river is definitely something we don’t mind getting used to. What’
When people describe the Coromandel in New Zealand, they probably talk about the beautiful beaches and relaxing lifestyle. But, as we find out today, there is an epic side to the Coromandel Peninsula.
This is what happens when two people, with feelings about the ocean on the opposite sides of the spectrum, go diving in New Zealand. Robin, who literally learned to walk on a boat as a baby, is unbeli
*Epic movie voice over* You’ve seen it in the Chronicles of Narnia… You’ve seen it in Macklemore’s music video… You’ve seen it all over Instagram… Now…
Let’s take a day to be super dry. We mean, the driest we have ever been. Too dry for our own good! We’ve been wet, we’ve been cold, we’ve been canyoning, kayaking and diving in
Waking up in Te Aroha Holiday Park marks the start of our next section of our New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year: exploring the Waikato region. So far, we are surrounded by farms and a whopping grea