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Raglan exudes a relaxed atmosphere – a slower pace of life. As long as there’s surf and others to share it with, people seem pretty happy here in the North Island surf town. We’re (t
How can you wake up in Raglan Backpackers and not want to surf? There’s wetsuits hanging in the garden courtyard area, surfs towels just drying off from the day before, and freakin’ surf b
Ok, today we need to sort our sh*t out. Because our campervan is going in for repair for two weeks (see previous blog post), we are going to be travelling in a rental camper from Jucy. However, we are
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Something wakes us up in the dead of night. There is an epic thunderstorm happening outside of the Raglan Backpackers. Laura is shaking like a sh*tting dog because her sleepy subco