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It’s time to travel north… or at least after we have travelled to the southernmost point of the North Island. We have a pretty big day of driving ahead of us thanks for Robin’s beaut
As a group of about 20 rafters gather around a long wooden table in front of the River Valley Lodge’s bar, a French Canadian guide starts yelling orders as quickly as a TV advertisement going th
Welcome to Rotorua, New Zealand’s smelliest city! It seems like the smell of sulfur hasn’t left our nostrils since we walked around the crater of a volcano yesterday, and that’s beca
Waking up to the sound of a flower river, stepping out of your cabin out into the bottom of a grand valley, watching the low clouds start to lift from the mountain tops… Can you blame us for not
It’s an early morning farewell to the isolated river retreat of River Valley. Today, we will be making our way over the Ruahine Ranges to the Hawke’s Bay town of Napier. Although we are le
It’s Sunday in New Zealand and all across the country are Kiwis are buying their wears, pigging out and listening to some live music at their local farmers’ market. It’s more than ju
Driving over the majestically rolling green hills of Hawke’s Bay, a stunning view is revealed of a long beach looking out to an island. This is Waimarama. Not only a quiet seaside surf village (
… But not at the same time… … Although, after seeing how much we’ve improved on our stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) this morning, we definitely think we could spend a day on a S
New Zealand isn’t just a land of mountains, dolphins and Middle-earth magic. Like everywhere, the country has a dark side too. Today, we’re going to be checking it out at New Zealand’
Narrow river gorges, towering canyons, waterfalls, rare wildlife, tunnels and, of course, rapids: Mohaka Rafting has turned out to be so much more than your standard white water rafting trip. This ful
What’s with Kiwis wanting to throw a bunch of people on the back of a trailer and take them on a wild adventure? Believe us, we have been in this scenario before and it’s about to happen a
There’s more to Hawke’s Bay than Art Deco architecture, wineries and gannet colonies. Today, we are heading to the northern end of the North Island region to the town of Wairoa, which is j
A short drive “over the hill” reveals a great view of the little town of Wairoa that we explored yesterday, as well as takes us towards Iwitea. The Out on a Lim base is easy enough to spot off the r
A fiery red hue lights up the clouds, reflecting off a landscape of a lake surrounded by mountains to which we are on the side of one of them at the Byre B&B and Backpackers. We sit at the very sa
The Te Urewera Rainforest: it holds heaps of hidden gems, such as countless waterfalls and stunning tracts of native forest. In the middle lies the humongous and insanely clear Lake Waikaremoana, whic