Spear Fishing and Blue Penguin Spotting in Timaru

Today, we have nothing planned. Whaaaaaat?! Yes, that’s right, we are going with the flow

“But wait a minute, guys, what happened to your 365 days doing 365 activities?” we hear you cry at your screen right now. Well, New Zealand is one of those countries where it’s easy to find yourself on little adventures, even when you’re not looking for them. For example…

Our camper gets some pampering

We start off the day thinking that washing the campervan (or at least as far up the sides as we can reach) is going to be the highlight of the day. It’s something we’ve been dying to do for ages. Going down so many gravel roads, getting stuck in the mud, having sandflies splat on the bumper… it all starts to look pretty rancid after 203 days on the road. Thanks to the hose at Fairlie Holiday Park, the Backpacker Guide-mobile is looking rather flash!

Onwards to Timaru!

After some lunch and a bit of bird-spotting in the holiday park, including a whole group of tiny quail chicks running after their dad, we hit the road to our next Canterbury destination, the city of Timaru!

It’s a drive through pastoral land holding some animals a little different from the common sheep and dairy farms of New Zealand – both of which we are totally experts in by the way. Just check out the evidence here, here and here. We almost have to force ourselves to keep our eyes on the road when we see deer running after each other in fields, and pigs lazying in their pigsty.

We drive through small towns of Cave and Pleasant Point, until we leave the farmlands and enter the coastal city of Timaru – you know, those places with traffic lights and people!


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