Sailing in Akaroa’s Wildlife-Filled Volcanic Crater

We’ve been in Akaroa long enough to have heard the story of the French settlers of Akaroa. (And yes, two days is long enough to hear the stories). Evidence of it is all around the town, from the French flags hung from every shop to the French street names. Today, we are going to sail the seas just like those early explorers and settlers! (With the exception that we’re probably a lot cleaner and instead of sailing for months, we’ll sail for a couple of hours with the affordable Akaroa Sailing Cruises).

Finally, Robin’s personal favourite activity has come!

We park up the Jucy car – our saviour for this trip in Akaroa since our campervan has broken down – at the Akaroa Wharf and can spot the sailing yacht straight away, it’s mast sticking up alongside the wharf impossible to miss. Robin, who spent his first years living on a sailing boat and grew up sailing in competitions, is power walking to the yacht in eagerness leaving Laura in a cloud of dust. 220 days out of our 365 Days: 365 Activities he has been waiting to do this activity. Finally, his time has come!

Welcome aboard the SV Manutara

The skipper, Ray, greets us at the wharf and takes us onto the SV Manutara, a 14.4m sailing vessel with a bit of a history of its own. Before sailing off into the harbour, Ray that all-essential safety briefing. (We don’t want to get hit overboard by the boom!) Then we’re on our way.

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