Jet Boat and Hiking in the Rakaia Gorge

Since arriving in Methven a few days ago, it has been the locals who have pointed us to some truly awesome hikes and activities around the area. Today, we are breaking the mould and following the excessive amount of road signs from Methven to Rakaia Gorge. If you ever got lost here, at least you’d be able to find your way to Rakaia Gorge. As we’re about to find out, it is a pretty stunning place to be.

Exploring the Rakaia GOrge

The car park at the Rakaia Gorge gives visitors a few options: relax by the milky blue waters, take a 3-4 hours return hike alongside the Rakaia River, or turn that hike into a one way adventure and travel up the river by jet boat! Doesn’t that last option sound pretty tempting? Yeah, it does!

Jet boat and hiking combo

We spot the Discovery Jet 4×4 and makeshift jetty hanging in the water. Before long, it is joined by a bright yellow jet boat full with windswept passengers. We’d love to say that they obtained this look just from the speed of the jet boat, but, man, it’s windy today! For the last few minutes we’ve been watching seagulls gliding on the exact same spot – the wind doing all the work for them. As we get on the boat with our life jackets on, our driver, Blair, tells us how it’s worse up the river. How?!

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