The Grand Traverse Flight Over The Southern Alps

Having not a single cloud in the sky is always a good thing in Lake Tekapo. Usually, we like the moodiness and atmosphere of a bit of cloud cover, but we’ve been waiting two days for the clouds to shift so that we can hit the skies with Air Safaris. Finally, that morning comes today when the sun creeping between the gaps of our camper’s curtains. Wahoo!

The flight-seeing experts

Wasting no time, we’re parking up at Tekapo Airport to the sight of flights frequently going in and out, making up for the last couple of days where the weather has been too cr*p to fly. There are a mix of 15-seater Nomad planes and smaller 7-seater planes seen flying in and out from the viewing area of the runway. The pilots will come in, fuel up, gather the next load of people, and fly back out again. It’s a well-oiled machine here at Air Safaris.

Every seat’s a window seat

Five of us head out onto the next flight in one of the smaller planes. Our pilot, Leon, introduces himself and tells us that the plane is a good Australian-made plane. Kiwis might beg to differ, but Leon says this like it’s a good thing. We can’t argue when we get into the plane where every seat is a window seat – windows that large and bend outwards giving enough space for cameras and a super wide angle for optimal scenery viewing!

Not only does a safety card sit in the seat in front of us, but some photography tips as well! Yep, they know what we want.

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