Cheese Tasting and Sheep Shearing in Oamaru

Dreams are going to come true today! As part of our 365 days doing 365 activities, we have wanted to try some classic Kiwi jobs among all the hikes, bungy jumps, jet boats, etc. Not every day can be a skydive day! So far we have had the honour of doing beekeeping in Ghost Town of the Forgotten World Highway and dairy farming in Taranaki. For months, we have wanted to complete our triangle by doing sheep shearing. Now, a day before we meet the halfway point of our 365 road trip around New Zealand, we are finally going to do it! We are finally going to do sheep shearing!

Whitestone Cheese

We think we love Oamaru more now! Although we have immersed ourselves in the coastal town’s quirkiness with the Victorian Fete and a whole museum dedicated to Steampunk, we feel there are a little more hidden gems to be found. So before this evening’s sheep shearing events, we head through town to Whitestone Cheese where you can actually watch cheese being made!

On the corner of Torridge and Humber Street, we walk into a cafe lined with an impressive display of cheeses, awards and traditional tools used in cheesemaking. Nothing seems more fitting than being greeted in a cheese cafe than by a woman with the most beautiful French accent.

“Why can’t you talk like that?” Laura whispers to Robin, who speaks far too fast and fluently to have a dreamy French accent.

Although you can usually take a self-guided tour of the Whitestone Cheese factory at your own leisure, Pauline, offers to show us around on this occasion.

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