Boulders, Victorian Events and Blue Penguins in Oamaru

The little blue penguin/Victorian era/steampunk capital of New Zealand is the next stop on New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year! It can be no other than Oamaru! Now, we’ve seen a lot of towns that claim to be the capital of something, only to feel that the town doesn’t entirely take this title too literally, such as Taihape the Gunboot Capital and Tuatapere the Sausage Capital… (With the exception of Otorohanga who take the Kiwiana Capital status so seriously that they made us dress up as a Kiwi bird and tomato sauce bottle and parade around the town). But, as we are about to discover today, Oamaru surpasses its reputation!

As a new adventure begins, another adventure has to come to an end. We leave the wizarding world of the Hogwartz Backpackers and our amazing 10 days we have spent in Dunedin and hit the road to the biggest attraction between the Dunedin and Oamaru. The Moeraki Boulders have been the subject of some of the most brilliant photography, with their perfectly spherical shapes sitting in the sand… the sun bouncing off their smooth surface… We can’t wait to see these natural wonders!

High tide at the Moeraki Boulders

But, as the sky begins to darken and the rain begins to fall… We realise that today is not the day to capture the beauty of the boulders. Nevertheless, we park up and follow a short track through the bushes and down to the beach. Oh my God, how could we be so stupid?!

“What time is high tide?!” Laura says rushing to look it up on her phone. Yep, as we feared high tide was a couple of hours ago. There is only a thin section of the back of the beach to walk on and with the raging swell, the water is shooting right across the beach. We may or may not get wet feet today. Concluding that its not exactly likely that we’ll get washed away, we head down the beach to see if we can even see the Moeraki Boulders.

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