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Game Over for Rainy Days in Queenstown!

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140 Days on the Road

We admit it, we are a little relieved this morning. As the rain relentlessly beats down on the windows of the Nomads hostel, this means we don’t have to do our bungy jump tomorrow… (Yes, Ok, we are both freakin’ out about doing a bungy jump. Don’t judge us!) But that also means the Luge is cancelled… Sooooo, what the hell are we going to do on a rainy day in Queenstown?

Well, a relatively new place has opened up in Frankton, one of Queenstown’s suburbs, which has indoor go-karting, lazer tag and heaps of arcade games… It’s called Game Over and it is well within our comfort zone! Let’s go!

What to do on a rainy day in Queenstown

We’ve never been so happy to be taking the bus in the rain, especially Robin who is a massive video game nerd. He’s also afraid of heights so the fact that we are going to Game Over right now instead of a bungy jump has literally got him dancing. (But that might also be the raving club music that the bus driver is currently playing).

The bus drops us off in The Remarkables Park, then it’s just a short walk to the huge indoor entertainment centre, Game Over.

Game on at Game Over!

The screeching of the Grand Prix Go-Karts fills our ears along with the heavy rain pouring on the metal roof. We can’t resist checking out the racers as soon as we enter the warehouse-style building. Damn, those things go pretty fast for go-karts!

But our first challenge of choice is Lazer Tag. Yes, that very thing that Barney Stimpson plays in How I Met Your Mother… It’s comes as no surprise that Robin has done this activity before, whereas Laura is completely new to this shooting game.

“Dinosaurs have taken over Queenstown…” A deep and dramatic movie-trailer voice tells us on the briefing video. We are about to enter an apocalyptic world where dinosaurs rein. But instead of shooting the dinosaurs, we have to shoot each other… Sounds good enough to us!

Lazer tag and dinosaurs

Once the video is over, a member of staff reveals a whole rack of flashing and badass-looking lazer tag over-vests and guns. She shows how to select our modes between sniper and shotgun. Then… We play!

Robin is red. Laura is blue. We disperse into a jungle and dinosaur-filled arena. Neon paint covers the walls in jungle designs, while around some corners a dinosaur (and even a yeti) will take us by surprise. If we pass a dinosaur, a sensor will trigger making the dinosaur roar and reveal to the other team member where they are in arena.

Fierce competition!

At first, we move slowly trying to draw each other out. All of a sudden, Laura will notice a sniper lazer pointed at her chest… She’s out of action for a few seconds! Run, run, run! This is Robin’s chance to change to shotgun mode and rack up some points.

Shooting out of windows, behind walls, dinosaurs, bushes, through corridors, there are heaps of ways to make the most of this 250 square metre arena. And, man, we are getting more and more competitive as the mission goes on. Lazer tag just brings the fierce need to win out of you!

There are interactive targets hidden throughout the arena too to get extra points… We are sure we find none of them. Which means after the game is over we are itching to play again!

Things are getting pretty competitive in the lazer tag arena

Theta 360 Loading...

And the winner is…

As soon as the mission is over, we run outside the arena to see the score board… *In a Mortal Kombat voice* Robin wins!

Laura has a chance to redeem herself – the go-karts.

Choosing our driver names

First things first, we enter our driver names into a computer. Let us introduce you to Robin Racer and Last Lap Laura!

We are getting our helmets on, watching the briefing video before getting into our electric go-karts! We feel like we’re about to enter the Grand Prix here…

Racer Robin, once again is representing red. Last Lap Laura: blue.

Acceleration station!

We slowly come out of the gates. Once on the track, the speed is set to full and, damn, the torque on these things is instant! Robin is speeding up ahead, thanks to his experience of driving a 3.3 tonne campervan (once you can drive that, you can drive anything).

Once Laura gets the hang of the corners, she is fast catching up. Another go-karter behind her is trying to undercut her at every corner, probably desperate to get past her erratic driving but she is shamelessly taking up the whole track.

The karts somehow remain firmly on the ground as we accelerate around huge corners on a track that goes over and underneath itself.


A few laps of drifting around corners, wheels screeching, and quickly accelerating out of corners, our race of three gets pretty tight. One corner gets us all, as Robin spins his kart in a 360 we all crash into the back of each other.

Disclaimer: no one was hurt during the making of this blog post…

And the winner is…

We get straight back to it with a total of 14 laps. The race ends, we park up and check out our times printed out on our very own certificate. Racer Robin comes third and Last Lap Laura comes second! What the hell?! Last Lap Laura has proven she is the fastest – a speed demon, some might say! Hand over the campervan keys, Robin, and watch our 365 days road tripping around New Zealand turn into 182.5 days!

The lazer escape room

Before we “escape” Game Over and go back into Queenstown, we play one arcade game before we leave… We’re getting all Tom Cruise on your ass by tackling a lazer escape game. As seen in countless spy movies, we have to make our way through a room and back as fast as we can without touching the lazers. That’s not so easy for lanky Robin who has long limbs flying everywhere. He puts the “impossible” in Mission: Impossible.

Game Over has really brought out our hidden skills: Robin has proven he is a shooting machine, while Laura is a speed demon escape artist. What an awesome day!

Tomorrow, we might just have to face our fears if the weather clears though… We can’t put it off any longer. Our last day in Queenstown will mark the day we do our first bungy jump on this 365 adventure through New Zealand. Join us then!

The race is ON!

Theta 360 Loading...

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