Touring the West Coast’s Best Brewery

Noah’s Ark in Greymouth is currently holding an unusual species of backpacker, the Laura and the Robin. The two specimens can be found in the dining area well before anyone else wakes up, working away on their computers. This morning, the are trying to get all their travel writing and organising out of the way before they embark on a not-so-unusual backpacker activity: drinking.

Greymouth just happens to be the base of the world famous (in New Zealand) Monteith’s Brewery! Robin has been drinking their beers and ciders for five years now, while the Monteith’s apple cider was literally the first alcoholic beverage Laura ever tried in New Zealand! (And she remembers thinking how much more refreshing the colourless cider was here in New Zealand compared to the dirty brown cider she was used to in the UK).

The Monteith’s Brewery Tour & Tasting

With more than 160 breweries and microbreweries in the country, beer making is a huge part of the Kiwi culture and drinking it more so. To be able to have a quick look at how beer is made, along with three tastings and an extra beer to pour yourself (all for around NZ$25), it seems like cool and unique way to start any drinking session!

The perfect rainy day activity in Greymouth

So we make our merry way walking the streets of Greymouth to Montheith’s Brewery. It’s only 10 minutes away from Noah’s Ark, so we spot the large black building decorated with coal mining relics in no time. (And just in time, as it looks like it is about to start raining).

A neon sign welcomes us on the way into the brewery, as well as our tour guide today, who hands over a high-vis jacket to join the rest of our tour-goers.

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