From Snow to Blowholes: On the Road in the Wild West Coast

Our final morning in wonderful Karamea involves breakfast with organic kiwifruit grown on the Rongo Backpackers’ farm and one last chat with the amazing WWOOFers who have made us feel so at home. We have quite a drive ahead of us today – the largest distance we will cover in a day so far on this trip – so we leave Rongo Backpackers bright and early.

Unlike yesterday where it rained so much we locked ourselves in a radio booth, it is super sunny today! But then, again, this is New Zealand and the four-seasons-in-a-day thing really starts to prove itself.

It’s snowing!

As we climb the winding mountain roads to get out of Karamea and over to Westport, rain really starts to look a lot thicker than usual. The higher we go, the more that rain turns into solid snow. Oh my God, it’s snowwwwing!!!!

As fun and crazy as snow makes us feel, especially when it’s actually now spring in New Zealand, we do start to bite our nails in anxiousness because we don’t have any snow chains and we don’t really feel like getting stuck on a mountain in our campervan.

The snow doesn’t seem to be laying, but man, it’s coming down hard! With that, we’re coming down hard off the mountain and back along the coast where it’s a bright and sunny day again. Wurrrttt?!

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