The One Ring, The Many Beads, and the Centre of New Zealand!

Staying at Okiwi Bay Holiday Park last night was the right decision! We are so glad we didn’t attempt to drive Nelson in the zombie-like state we were in. This morning, we are feeling fresh! Plus, we get to spend our last breakfast time with our hosts, Ian and Pam.

Our friendships with people are always fleeting when we’re on the road, and again, we’re saying goodbye to Ian and Pam. Now, we’re heading to Nelson the right way!

Ice road Truckers: New Zealand Edition

The sun is shining bright for our last glimpses of Okiwi Bay as we rise over the hills and back down inland. Now we are making our way on the winding State Highway 6 towards Nelson.

It’s now foggy as hell and all of a sudden, we feel like we are in an episode of Ice Road Truckers. We are following a whole line of long trucks – not to the mention the hundreds we’re passing. It’s impressive to see New Zealand truck drivers navigating these huge vehicles around sharp mountainside corners! We should really stop bitching about driving our campervan…

With the still water of Nelson Haven glistening in the sun on our right, we know we have reached Nelson, New Zealand’s sunniest city!

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