What to Expect From a Parliament Tour in Wellington

This is it, guys! We’re finally reaching it: New Zealand’s capital city! The Big Windy. (An unofficial but extremely appropriate title). We are not even sh*tting you here, but as soon as we hit the sign on the motorway saying “Wellington”, a great gust of wind pounds the campervan. It’s raining sideways, our campervan is wobbling from side to side. Jesus Christ, they were not joking when they said Wellington was one of the windiest cities in the world!

Back to city life!

We’ve come from the peaceful seaside suburb of Plimmerton and the Moana Lodge to the hustle and bustle of the city, which we can really feel when trying to find somewhere to park our beast of a campervan. The hostel we are staying in tonight, Trek Global, doesn’t have any parking left, but the receptionist is rocking the phones trying to find a place for us for free on a Saturday. Meanwhile, we play table football/foosball that we immediately spotted in the quirky entrance to the Trek Global hostel. For ease and convenience we decide, to hell with it, we’ll pay NZ$24 for parking for a night. The only place that seems to fit our camper is an open car parking area next to the Te Papa Museum. We see a long line of motorhomes parked up here and think: “Ah yes, we all have the same idea.” City life, man!

A free rainy day activity

Now we are parked, we can start exploring Wellington! Since we are in the capital city of New Zealand, it is only fitting to visit the parliament buildings and the iconic Beehive where they run free tours. (Plus, it’s raining like hell so this is a good rainy day activity).

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