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Getting Crazy Competitive at Motion Entertainment

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287 Days on the Road

Autumn in New Zealand often means rain… Lots of rain. Nevertheless, the show that is 365 Days: 365 Activities must go on! It turns out there are heaps of ways to spend a rainy day in Rotorua – just take a look at these. But there’s is a relatively new complex open which is perfect for relentlessly showery days like today: Motion Entertainment.

We actually saw the snazzy-looking building when driving into Rotorua a couple of days ago. Robin, a life-long video game nerd who almost spent 365 days playing 365 games of Payday 2 before this big trip, his eyes light up at the sight of its colourfully-striped building. What wonders does such a place behold?! Well, our time has come to find out!

The perfect rainy day activity in Rotorua

Parking as close as we can to the entrance, we still have to make a dash through the heavy splatters of raindrops. Once cocooned in the dryness and warmth of indoors, we walk through a short corridor entrance decorated with lit-up all sorts of colours into a huge open space with a wealth of entertainment around us. We can see it all from where we stand: ten-pin bowling, a games arcade, a licensed restaurant, laser tag, Chipmunks, a trampoline park, escape room games, mini golf and XD Dark Ride. Let’s start with the latter because it is literally right next to the entrance!

Playing an XD video game

We have heard of 2D, 3D, even 4D, but we can’t even imagine what “XD” entails. All we know is that the XD Dark Ride is like a video game on steroids. When we sign up to the ride, we choose our mission. Robin is adamant that we have to play a shooting game with zombies! As they say on Call of Duty, “Let’s do dis!”

An intense game with zombies

3D glasses on, seat-belted into our seats, and guns in hand, we are ready to kill those damn zombies! The curtains close behind us so the space goes dark. We only have eyes for the huge curved screen in-front of us.

After a practice round, we are in the thick of it. Our seats move and shake vigorously with the vibrations of the car we are in as we crash into trees, fall from high buildings, and start to get mauled by zombies. Not only are we shooting to save our lives, but we’re also shooting for points so things get a little competitive, if we weren’t already totally immersed in this experience.

The mission comes to an end with a photo of Laura looking way too serious popping up on screen under the heading: “1st”. Robin is having none of it, and we sit in for another mission – this time, Werewolves. Indeed, Robin redeems himself.

Escaping the zombie apocalypse

Next on the agenda is something we have been dying to try: Escape Masters. The concept is simple; try to escape a room. But the game is not so simple with heaps of puzzles to solve and mysteries to unravel. It’s a real life escape game.

Although there are four different themed rooms to escape from, we go with what is available at the time: Zombies! (We see a bit of a theme occurring here). After choosing a medium difficulty for our first escape room experience, we walk into a bedroom the Zombie Killer Professor – our last hope to survive the zombie apocalypse. We have one hour to escape the room and save humanity!

The Lumberjax Mini Golf gets all dark and serious at hole 3

Theta 360 Loading...

Becoming Escape Masters!

The door closes, the timer starts, and the game is on. It’s a game where almost everything means something. There are padlocked boxes to open, puzzles that you don’t even realise they are puzzles until the clock has ticked away for longer than you would have liked. Just when we figure out how to open a hidden doorway, there is one more padlock combination to solve!

With only five minutes left on the timer, we finally escape back into the Motion Entertainment complex. YES! After being excited, frustrated, puzzled, reinvigorated, confused, enlightened, and all sorts of emotions, there’s nothing that beats the feeling of finally solving the game.

Laser tag with the office party

Now that our brains have totally been fried, we move onto something a bit more mindless: shooting people at the Megazone Laser Tag Game. We are put into a game with what seems to be an office outing with a bunch of self-respecting adults wearing shirts, ties, skirts and whatever else. But all respect is lost for them once they put on those laser jackets and they become our target.

We enter a neon-painted room separated with various walls here, there and everywhere to hide behind. The design is simple yet effective with plenty of nooks and crannies to snipe from. Throughout the 15-minute mission, everyone gets a giddier and more competitive. It’s simple but super fun, even if we did get annihilated by the office party…

Lumberjax Mini Golf

We have worked up quite a sweat after running around the laser tag room, so we wind down with a bit of Lumberjax Mini Golf. We enter a world of milling and mining in the most lively set for a mini golf! The 18-hole game takes us through a journey through saw-milled wooden sculptures and through dark mines. We are glad we chose the most neon-coloured golf balls for this course!

There are lots of hidden tricks along the way too, with holes that swallow your balls (and that’s when the sentences get weird), and spit them out somewhere completely and frustratingly different! There are lumps, bumps, hills and steps to negotiate. We have a blast with Crazy Jax who has somehow found a way to make milling fun!

A much-needed fuel stop

As you can probably see, we have worked up quite an appetite. Luckily, there’s the Revived Bistro onsite for some pizza, prawn twizzlers and fries to share! All the while, we have the allure of our last game ever in sight. Finally, it has come to the finale: a good ol’ fashioned game of ten-pin bowling.

Entering the Strike zone!

We put on those sexy bowling shoes and enter the “Strike Zone”. The music is pumpin’ adding a spring to our step with each ball thrown down the lane. Our enjoyment mostly comes out of comparing how bad we are at the sport, which is why bowling is always such an easy game to love.

With just five points between us, the game ends and we finally decide to pull ourselves away from this addictive complex before we start going crazy on the arcade. It’s back to our accommodation at the Planet Backpackers for us!

Join us tomorrow, for more rainy day activities in Rotorua and some geothermal experiences. See you then!

Every rainy day should end with a good bowling session

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