Cruising Around the Wild and Wonderful Lake Waikaremoana

A fiery red hue lights up the clouds, reflecting off a landscape of a lake surrounded by mountains to which we are on the side of one of them at the Byre B&B and Backpackers. We sit at the very same kitchen table as last night where we shared an awesome homemade pizza meal with our hosts, Tegwyn and David and another guest, Kevin. A huge window gives us an outstanding view to go with our meal, and again this morning as David makes us our choice of breakfast.

We’re going to be spending more time with David today, where he knows best: Lake Waikaremoana. This huge sacred lake in the middle of the largest tract of native forest in the North Island is home to one of New Zealand’s Great Walks and is surely a place to experience true wilderness in the North Island of New Zealand. After being handed over heaps of veggies to take away from David’s huge garden, we follow David in the car to the launch point where we will be taking his NZ Trout Fishing boat, which also acts as a tour boat and water taxi, into Lake Waikaremoana.

The fascinating geological history behind Lake Waikaremoana

At various spots along the 10-20 minute drive, David stops to tell us more about how the lake was formed using perspectives we are getting of the Ngamoko and Panekiri mountain ranges which play a part in the story. Lake Waikaremoana is pretty new in geological terms. David tells the story of a huge earthquake some 2,200 years ago that that caused a tremendous landslide causing a dam to forming the shape of the Lake Waikaremoana that we will see today. Parts of the forests were engulfed by the lake and David says we can still see the remains of them today…

We arrive at the wharf and jump onboard David’s motor boat. As we set off, David shows us that landslip caused by the earthquake all those years ago from this new perspective, where you can really see how the slip has earned its title as the longest landslip in the Southern Hemisphere!

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