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Any seasoned traveller will tell you it’s the spontaneous things you do when travelling that you reminisce about. Weirdly enough, some of our favourite travel moments in New Zealand so far have been random events from discovering hidden glowworm caves that we’d not seen in any guidebook to finding a cheap gourmet pizza joint with bizarre toppings like banana and broccoli (true story). You only find these sort of crazy things in the here and now!

That’s why we’ve become a little obsessed with HerePin.

What is HerePin?

HerePin is a social media app which is entirely based on location. Just set your location and area, then you are instantly connected with other travellers within that radius, as well as their recommendations and anything noteworthy enough to “pin”. It could be that secret glowworm cave or cheap eats at that quirky pizza place. Pins on HerePin come in the form of photos and notes about the location.

so, Why are we on HerePin?

We were introduced to the app by the HerePin team (HerePinners – Mark, Greg and Michelle) themselves, because, well, the app is actually based in Queenstown, New Zealand! Although you can pin all over the world, it’s in New Zealand where travellers are mostly using HerePin.

Admittedly, at first we thought: “Oh great, another social media app to download… On how many social media apps do we have to see the same (albeit stunning) photos of #ThatWanakaTree?!” But, we didn’t want to be too quick to judge. We gave HerePin a try.

A “try” became more and more frequent until, a couple of months later, here we are talking with other travellers in our “radius” everyday. We mean, it’s great for us! If you haven’t already guessed by the fact that we already share way too much about backpacking New Zealand on our blog and online guide, we’re pretty stoked to share location-specific finds on HerePin. In exchange, we want to use HerePin when we are travelling around New Zealand in a few days’ time to see what’s going on in each of the 169 cities/towns we’re visiting. A good enough reason for anyone to use HerePin on their travels, right? So it’s a good enough reason to share HerePin with you now!


But HerePin is so new

There are, of course, a few cons to using such a new platform. The small number of users means there’s not a variety of pins for everywhere in New Zealand yet. You also end up chatting with the same people very often. Hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but a wider audience would mean more pins and more hidden gems to discover. And as with any new app, there may be a few updates and changes along the way. We’ll be interested to see how this app grows.

How is HerePin different from any other app?

Don’t get us wrong, we use other social media apps like Instagram to get inspired about a place. We see a picture of #ThatWanakaTree and start dreaming about visiting a place. But what happens once you arrive in Wanaka and you have finished gazing upon the magnificence of that tree? What else is there to do here, right now, nearby? Is there anyone else in town looking for other backpackers to hike with? Or has someone pinned a deal too good to miss at the local bars? That’s the questions we think HerePin can answer.

5 steps to get started on HerePin

The app is free (any backpacker’s favourite word) and works on both Android and iPhone. Just follow the quick steps to get set up here… pin. That was a HerePun for you!

1. Download the app


2. Create an account.

Once you launch the app, you’ll be prompted to sign in either with Facebook or your email address. That’s it, in a couple of clicks you are in.

3. Spice up your profile

Add a profile picture and a short blurb about yourself, (i.e. your interests on your travels).

4. Start finding things near you!

Now, here’s a setting that we think you should pay attention to: your radius. Your default radius is 25km so you are automatically given the live feed of your city or nearby surroundings. However, you can access and change your radius by clicking on the word “Global” on the top righthand corner. Set the radius from either your current location or a location you would like to browse. (We have a radius of the whole New Zealand right now because we are curious to see what’s going on all over the country, but we’ll shrink it down to about 25km once we get moving on our road trip).

5. Find us on HerePin

Like we said, we’re going to be pinning our finds throughout our trip in New Zealand. If you see us in your radius, give us a comment! We’d love to see what you’re up to!

HerePin for the hereWin?

Have you used HerePin before? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Better yet, share your favourite places with us on HerePin, so we can visit them (and feature your recommendations in our blog)!

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See you next time!

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