Meet Robin & Laura

Obligatory jumping photo.


Who are we?

Hey there, you travel-curious specimens, and welcome to BackpackerGuide.NZ’s blog! We’re Robin and Laura. Other than being “cheap as” backpackers, we are the BackpackerGuide.NZ travel writers. From the minute we landed in New Zealand, we both fell in love with with awesome country. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to bring this guide to life so every traveller can make the most of our awesome new homeland. That’s right, BackpackerGuide.NZ is written by two twenty-something backpackers with more than 15 years of travel experience between them.

So who are Robin and Laura, and what gives them the right? We can’t answer that second one, but we’ll give the first one a shot by referring to ourselves in the third person.


Originally from France, Robin has travelled pretty excessively over the last 11 years. From the jungles of Madagascar to the offices of Vancouver, Robin has experienced both ends of the work and travel spectrum. After travelling 16 countries, he finally called New Zealand home, because, well… It’s New Zealand. From then on, he’s been an entrepreneur, video game nerd and an outdoors enthusiast living and breathing for the tourism industry in New Zealand.


After finishing her journalism studies in the UK, Laura decided to try this whole travel thing out for herself and make her first stop New Zealand. Awkwardly enough, she outstayed her welcome when she couldn’t miss the opportunity to write a travel guide to this awesome country. When Laura’s not writing, she’s waiting for winter to come around so she can snowboard the volcanoes of the North Island and the excessive alpine terrain in the South.

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How not to do a hike in New Zealand.

That time Robin was on a boat.

What brought this dream team together?

It all began two years ago when Laura first arrived in New Zealand, dreaming of travelling to Queenstown in time for the ski season. Within only the first week of her new adventure, she met Robin in Auckland. In between Robin showing her around and sharing his work and travel knowledge, the pair talked travel websites and how there needed to be some better information out there for the backpacker market in New Zealand.

Laura then f***ed off to Queenstown to make the most of the winter season, leaving Robin bubbling with ideas for a backpacker travel website like no other.

While Laura was working (and snowboarding, obviously) in Queenstown, Robin made a plan. A few month into the winter season, he gave Laura a call saying: “Let’s write this thing!” And that’s what they did.

What’s next?

Ok, now let’s get back to the first person before we embarrass ourselves any further. Over the last year or two, BackpackerGuide.NZ has grown from 100 articles to 300 articles to 500 and counting. (Our fingers are bleeding over here!) We’ve done everything to make this guide an extremely useful source for living, working and travelling on a budget in New Zealand – well, almost everything…

This year, we have given ourselves the epic mission to live on the road for an entire year (again) exploring every nook and cranny of New Zealand just for you and travel guide purposes! (Although, admittedly, we might enjoy it for ourselves a little bit). We “have to” get on the road to gather all the knowledge and multimedia content to bring you more travel tips and guides. While we are on the road, we thought it would be fun to share the journey with you by blogging every step of the way.

You can check out what our New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year is all about in our next post. But for now, we’ll leave you with this 360 picture of us taking a selfie. What? Mind blown! Is this an Internet first?

So you’ve read this far…

… That’s awesome! Maybe you want to read more of our blog? Check out what this New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year is all about. Plus, you can scroll though some dreamy New Zealand photos on our Instagram and stay up-to-date on our Facebook page.

Oh, and have you browsed the rest of BackpackerGuide.NZ yet? Search for jobs, find out how to prepare your trip to New Zealand, get some inspiration for the best New Zealand activities, and see what hostel life is like.

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