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You may have noticed something missing from our 365 days doing 365 activities. New Zealand is famous for its variety of epic landscapes, for its unusual wildlife, for the wealth of adventure activitie
Watching the sunset in New Zealand is often a wonderful thing. Fiery red colours followed by multicoloured hues in the sky… It’s a pretty magical time of the day. For NightSUP in Akaroa, s
On the Banks Peninsula you are always driving over a hill and today is no different! However, this time everyone else is going the same way: to Okains Bay for the annual Waitangi Day celebrations. The
Whenever most people picture New Zealand, they picture a land full of sheep (or a region of Australia, but we won’t talk about that). New Zealand is renowned for its sheep farms, but there’
Now, here is something you might not know about Christchurch! Because New Zealand is one of the closest places most of us will every get to Antarctica, Christchurch is actually a hub for Antarctica ac