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A Kiwi guy has a hobby. He likes to make delicious artisan cheese. He sets up his own cheese factory. He invites travellers, backpackers… anyone to come and taste his cheese. He makes backpacker
Little blue penguins, Hector’s dolphins, New Zealand fur seals, albatross, terns, shags, petrels… Every day since arriving in Akaroa, we have seen a part of its wild side. The waters are t
New Zealand islands are often sanctuaries of life. Water makes a great barrier between land mammals that threaten New Zealand’s native birds, making these islands full of birdsong. Quail Island,
Guess what? We’re back in Akaroa! We know, we know, we have already spent a week here seeing the smallest species of penguins, jet boating, swimming with dolphins… Yadda, yadda… But
Akaroa might be known for its marine wildlife, like dolphins and penguins, but some unexpected wildlife can be found on land… Yes, we are actually sticking to dry land today, unlike so many othe
It’s our second day at the River Valley adventure lodge. We made use of the Rangitikei River the lodge is based alongside yesterday in a super insane (and unbelievably fun) white water rafting t
There are a lot of hills on the Banks Peninsula. A lot. Even getting to Akaroa is described by the locals as “over the hill” only to be met with a peninsula full of… You guessed it:
You may have noticed something missing from our 365 days doing 365 activities. New Zealand is famous for its variety of epic landscapes, for its unusual wildlife, for the wealth of adventure activitie
Watching the sunset in New Zealand is often a wonderful thing. Fiery red colours followed by multicoloured hues in the sky… It’s a pretty magical time of the day. For NightSUP in Akaroa, s
On the Banks Peninsula you are always driving over a hill and today is no different! However, this time everyone else is going the same way: to Okains Bay for the annual Waitangi Day celebrations. The
Whenever most people picture New Zealand, they picture a land full of sheep (or a region of Australia, but we won’t talk about that). New Zealand is renowned for its sheep farms, but there’
Now, here is something you might not know about Christchurch! Because New Zealand is one of the closest places most of us will every get to Antarctica, Christchurch is actually a hub for Antarctica ac
Let’s not beat around the bush. Yes, Hanmer Springs may have some amazing bike trails, hikes, quad biking, a farm park, ski field and more, but there is one activity almost everyone is going to
Hanmer Springs is kind of well-known for bathing in its hot pools – the town is called Hanmer “Springs”! But did you know there are actually heaps of adventures to be had in the reso
Since we arrived in Hanmer Springs a couple of days ago, we were intrigued by these ridiculous-looking 4-wheeler bikes that a few businesses in town are hiring out to explore the town. And you know us