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15 Best Presents for Travellers

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Presents that are Ideal for Travellers!

Got an intrepid someone in your life that you just don’t know what to gift them? Getting presents for travellers is often a tough task due to the fact that they don’t like carrying too much stuff around with them as their globetrotting. The solution? Something compact and useful for their travels! With that in mind, we have put together this list of 15 best presents for travellers!

No matter where your wanderlust-fuelled gift-receiver is travelling to, these presents for travellers will come in handy in just about every country in the world!

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1. Joby Gorilla Pod

Travelling often means taking at least a million photos. The super handy gorilla pod is a grippy tripod with flexible legs that you can attach to just about anywhere. That way, the traveller can actually BE in the photos! We didn’t go anywhere without one when doing our 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand. This Joby Gorilla Pod even holds bulkier DSLR cameras.

Check the Joby Gorilla Pod out!

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2. Nutale GPS Luggage Tracker

Connect this device to your smartphone then just shove this GPS tracker into your luggage and there you have it. You can keep an eye on your luggage for the entire flight. And it’s even useful when leaving luggage unattended anywhere in the world, from dodgy hostels to your hotel’s luggage storage.

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3. Lifestraw

If your travel-mad present-receiver is into wilderness hiking then they will dig this lightweight Lifestraw! It removes 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria, takes out 99.8% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and reduces water turbidity by approximately 0.2 microns, meeting or exceeding all EPA standards for efficacy. It’s literally a lifesaver for multi-day hikes!

Check the Lifestraw out.

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4. Icebreaker Merino Underlayers

For those trips to places where the weather is always changing or a little colder, say, we don’t know, New Zealand, then under layers become your new best friend. New Zealanders swear by merino wool, being both warm yet breathable. Icebreaker is one of the leading brands of merino clothing.

Check Icebreaker for Women and Icebreaker for Men.

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5. Travel Journal

So much happens when you’re travelling it’s hard to remember it all (except the photos of drunken nights that seem to make their way on Facebook). A travel journal makes an awesome gift for travellers as it’s one of the 8 Fun Ways to Document Your Travels in New Zealand. There are quite a few good-looking ones out there, but a favourite has to be the leather-bound books.

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6. Scratch the World Map

For those real globetrotters, the best way to gloat is with a scratch map where you scratch off all the countries you have been to. It’s a must for any travel-crazy people to display in prime position on their living room walls for a conversational piece.

Check Scratch The World out!

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7. Miamica Travel Bottles and Toiletry Bag

Taking liquids onto the plane with you is a touchy subject everywhere in the world. Knowing the quantities you can take on the plane with you changes between airlines, but this Miamica Toiletry Bag and Travel Bottles lets you fit just the right amount of toiletries that are approved by most airlines. Plus, it’s a toiletry bag that will hold up for long-term travel.

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9. Cocoon Innovations Grit-it Backpack

For that tech-savvy traveller, they will dig this laptop bag which not only padded compartments to protect their laptop, but this smart grid compartment so wires stay organised! It’s small enough to fit into other backpacks too.

Check this Grid-It backpack out!

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10. Gonex Packing Cubes

As any traveller will tell you, finding the right clothes or accessories inside a back or suitcase is a nightmare. Packing cubes provide an awesome answer to keeping your luggage organised. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colours so go wild!

Check Gonex packing cubes out!

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11. Travelsox Compression socks

A pair of socks is the classic Christmas present, right? For a keen traveller, a pair of travel socks are perfect! These compression socks stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling on those lengthy trips, whether it’s flights or long bus trips. Travelsox also has some funky designs.

Check TravelSox out!

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12. Power Bank

Phones, music players, tablets… Basically, any gadget with a USB cable can be charged with this super lightweight and fast-speed power bank. A power bank is an external battery charger and is great for any traveller that is out and about for long periods of time without access to a mains power supply.

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13. Waterproof Playing Cards

Meeting new people all the time while on the road or in hostels often means a need for a great social catalyst. That’s where playing cards come in! Travellers love to play card games together as it makes an awesome icebreaker. Consider getting some waterproof playing cards for extra durability! For some inspiration on what game to play, check out The Card Game Every Backpacker Should Play in Their Hostel.

Check waterproof playing cards out!

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14. Exploding Kittens Card Game

On the subject of games, another great game for travellers is Exploding Kittens. This witty game of Exploding Kittens boasts that it takes 2 minutes to learn and 15 minutes to play. Plus, it’s a super small box of cards makes it perfect to travel with. That’s why we think it’s one of the best games for travellers. Plus, it was the most-backed Kickstarter project ever.

Check Exploding Kittens out!

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15. Wolfyok Travel Towel

One of the most essential items for any traveller is a travel towel. Travelling with a cotton towel is a huge mistake especially as they take so long to dry, not to mention how much space they take up in your luggage. Travel towels are compact and the microfibre material makes them quick-drying. While there are many travel towels out there, this Wolfyok towel set comes with an extra-large and face cloth both fitting into a compact mesh bag.

Check Wolfyok Travel Towel out!

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