10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© BLUETTI
10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan

10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan


Essentials for Living in a Campervan or Motorhome

Ok, so you know you need something to cook with, a mattress and bedding, and even a portable toilet if you want to make sure your campervan is on its way to becoming self-contained. But what are the campervan accessories that first-time vanlifers often forget about? We’ve compiled some of the best campervan accessories on the internet that will make your vanlife hassle-free, safe and even fun! Check them out in the list of the best campervan and motorhome accessories below.

1. Solar Panels

Free clean power; what’s not to love? Solar panels are certainly a top contender for the best accessories for your campervan, which reduces your time and money recharging your van at powered sites. You can either get yourself a solar kit and connect it to a deep-cycle battery, or to make things easier, opt for some portable solar panels from BLUETTI which hook up with ease to their portable power stations…

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10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© BLUETTI

2. Portable Power Station

If you’re like us and don’t know the ins and outs of the electrical system in your campervan, opt for a much easier power solution; a portable power station! BLUETTI has a huge range of options from the compact EB55 weighing just 7.5kg (16.5 lbs) to the  AC200MAX with expandable battery options giving you as much power for off-the-grid living as you need. What’s more, both of these models are on sale from January 10th to the 16th to celebrate the New Year. Scroll to the bottom to see how you can become a “BLUETTI Hero” to get more BLUETTI gifts.

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10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© BLUETTI

3. Grip Liners

They’re simple yet so darn effective! Also known as shelf liners or all-purpose liners, grip liners provide an easy solution to stop all of your campervan accessories from sliding around as you drive. Pick up these bad boys from any hardware or department store, as well as a pair of scissors to cut them to size, and line your campervan’s drawers and storage spaces.

10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© NZPocketGuide.com

4. Storage Boxes and/or Packing Cubes

Speaking of storage, fitting your life into a small van or even a motorhome is a challenge that only an effective storage solution can solve! That’s why we recommend getting down to your nearest hardware, department or secondhand store (with your van’s drawer/shelf measurements) and getting yourself a few storage boxes. Trust us, this makes finding things so much easier than rummaging through the same backpack that you arrived in New Zealand with. Alternatively (or additionally), packing cubes are an excellent solution for storing clothes in a campervan, making your pair of favourite undies easy to find.

10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© NZPocketGuide.com

5. Hand Vacuum

Ok, so we know that cleaning isn’t exactly the sexiest aspect of vanlife, but it has to be done! Those small spaces can get messy quickly, but it’s not so much a hassle if you have a hand vacuum, well, on “hand”!

10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© NZPocketGuide.com

6. Toolkit

Back to the hardware store, people! You’ll want to get yourself a toolkit with all of the essentials. Trust us, when you have a cupboard door that comes loose or your sink tap starts leaking, you’ll be glad to have at least the essential tools available. Some handy tools for a campervan include a hammer, pliers, measuring tape, utility knife, ratchet wrench, twist drill and drill bit set, universal joint, extension rod, extension bar, wood screw assortment kit, screwdriver set, hex key wrenches and drive sockets.

10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© Unsplash

7. Quick-Dry Towels

Have you ever tried to dry cotton towels in a van? Don’t bother. If it’s raining or you have to drive to your next destination before you can dry your towel outside, then you’ll carry that mound of stink for days! Ew. Not only do we recommend treating yourself to a quick-dry towel for the benefit of having a dry towel, but to also have something much more compact than bulky cotton towels.

10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© NZPocketGuide.com

8. Torch (Flashlight)

Most of us have the fixed lighting in our campervan all sorted. But for finding the campsite bathrooms at night, locating your midnight snacks, or going on glowworm walks; a torch is an essential accessory for your campervan!

10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© Unsplash

9. Phone Car Mount

Remember the driving portion of living in a van? We almost forgot too! But it’s usually handy when road-tripping to have some sort of navigation and a hands-free option for making calls. That’s why we recommend a car mount for your phone, either to stick to your windscreen or dashboard, to easily check the map while you’re heading to your next camping spot.

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10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© Unsplash

10. Fire Extinguisher and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Finally, we’ve coupled these two accessories together as they are essential to your safety for living in a van! If you use gas hobs or heating in your van, you probably already know to keep your van well-ventilated while they are in use, but a carbon monoxide detector can be a lifesaver, literally, if there were a gas leak. Similarly, in case your cooking gets out of hand or setting the mood with candles was a good idea gone bad, a compact fire extinguisher will save your van (and life, quite possibly).

10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© Pixabay

Become a BLUETTI Hero!

When it comes to campervan accessories, BLUETTI is a true hero when it comes to portable power sources but now you too can become a BLUETTI Hero! If you do, indeed, invest in some BLUETTI gear to power your campervan roadie, apply to be a BLUETTI Hero to be part of their documentary and to pick a BLUETTI product priced AU$1,000 as a gift. What’s more, their New Year’s Sale is on from January 10th to the 26th, so get your gear while it’s hot.

10 Best Accessories for Your Campervan© BLUETTI

More Accessories for Your Campervan

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