Arrival Advice: Passport Control and Immigration

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Arrival advice for New Zealand

After a lengthy flight to get to New Zealand, passing through Customs can feel more stressful than it actually is.Let us relieve the stress by taking you through the process of arriving in New Zealand. We’ll go through what to expect in this arrival advice for New Zealand guide.On arrival, you will have to go through Passport Control, Baggage Claim then Biosecurity. This article will guide you through the first part of the arrival: Passport Control and Immigration.For a guide on the latter steps, see here: Arrival Advice: Biosecurity and Customs.

What happens when you go through Passport Control and Immigration?

As long as you bring the correct visa and supporting evidence, passport and passenger card, passing through Passport Control and Immigration will be a breeze.This guide will tell you what to expect…

  • On the plane
  • At the passport control desk
  • Whether or not you need a visa
  • What the Immigration officer might ask you
  • At the SmartGate.

What’s next?

Baggage Claim and Biosecurity!

All the declarations you made on your passenger arrival card will come into play in this next section of arriving in New Zealand. Find out more about biosecurity in the next steps: Arrival Advice: Biosecurity and Customs.If you’re arriving in Auckland Airport, check out the steps in our article.

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