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Why Air New Zealand is Awesome

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The Fantastically Kiwi Airline

At some point since air travel began more than a century ago, we’ve come to have a bit of a hate relationship with flying. The food stinks, the seats stink, the people stink everything stinks. But somehow Air New Zealand has put the fun back into flying! It’s no longer just a chore to get from A to B for us backpackers in or heading to New Zealand. It might be because of Air New Zealand’s cleverly designed cabins, decent food, more affordable prices, their taste of Kiwi culture, and not forgetting the hilarious in-flight safety videos! In this quick summary about Air New Zealand, we’ll go through what we like about the airline.

Maybe it’s because we love everything about New Zealand, but here are our top reasons why Air New Zealand is awesome.

66 Awards Won in the Last Seven Years!

Air New Zealand must be doing something right. Here’s some of the good stuff they won:

  • 2017 Top Airline in the World at the- Cond Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards
  • 2016 International Airline of the Year at the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards
  • 2015 World’s Best Premium Economy Class at the SkyTrax World Airline Awards
  • 2014 and 2015 Airline of the Year
  • 2013 Australasia’s Leading Airline at the World Travel Awards.
  • 2012 Best Value Long-Haul Airline at the Sunday Times TravelValue for Money Awards.
  • 2012Best Long-Haul Airline at the Which? Reader Awards.
  • 2012 Airline of the Year withAir Transport World.
  • 2010 Favourite Long-Haul Leisure Airline at the Conde Nast Traveller Reader’s Awards.

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They Have the Best In-flight Safety Videos

How did an airline safety video become the highlight entertainment of a flight? Air New Zealand managed to do this with some hilarious ways of presenting the usually boring but necessary safety video. We are talking about the themes of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Men in Black, swimsuit models, rugby, disco, and more. Plus, some famous faces help out, such as Bear Grylls, the All Blacks, Betty White, Elijah Wood, Peter Jackson and Sylvester McCoy.

Honestly, if you haven’t seen them, just take a look at our Top 8 Air New Zealand Safety Videos.

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Get a Taste of New Zealand Before Arrival

Air New Zealand is pleasingly Kiwi, from the Maori designs on the uniform to experiencing the famous Kiwi hospitality. If coming from overseas, it’s a real taste of New Zealand before arriving in the country. The in-flight crew will do their best to make the flight as comfortable as possible: have a pillow, have a complimentary snack and beverage on domestic flights, eat heaps of meals on the international flights, etc. No worries!

As said before, you’ll see New Zealand’s great sense of humour with the airline safety video too.

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The Planes Look Like This

Air New Zealand made the flight of Smaug possible by sticking the dragon onto a Boeing 777-300. That’s not the only creative planes in Air New Zealand’s fleet. There have been other designs inspired by The Lord of the Rings, Air New Zealand’s anniversary, and the All Blacks rugby team.

In general, many of the planes have a cool silver fern design over a black background. Nothing gets more New Zealand than that!©

They Take Their Anniversaries Very Seriously

When it’s an Air New Zealand anniversary, you can expect a lot of celebrations in the form of promotions and competitions.

For their 75th anniversary, for example, amongst other competitions, the airline hosted the classic Kiwi quiz show “It’s in the Bag” on their regional flights. The in-flight crew also dressed in the vintage uniforms. Plus, an exhibition was set up in the national museum Te Papa in Wellington, just to show how culturally significant Air New Zealand is!

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The Food is Good

Airline food is notorious for being bad, so anyone’s expectations as the trolley makes its way to you are not high. The meals provided with Air New Zealand are surprisingly good!

If on an international flight, expect meals to be multicultural dinners, such as curries, mashed potato with spiced meat, or a kumara salad with a side of the famous Kapiti ice cream. For breakfast, you’ll either get continental or a hot breakfast like scrambled eggs, sausage and beans. They’ll almost always include yoghurt, milk and a fruit salad.

On a long-haul flight, you’ll be well-fed as food seems to come at you every 3-4 hours. Oh, and there are complimentary beverages of the alcoholic and soft drink variety.

On a domestic flight, you will be offered water, a hot beverage and a snack. Success!

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You Get Great Value for Money

Considering how the overall journey experience is with Air New Zealand, they are pretty affordable (well, to airline standards). Sometimes, Air New Zealand can be the cheapest option with their long-haul flights so are worth checking out.

In terms of domestic flights, Air New Zealand has some insanely cheap deals on

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