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Where to find cheap accommodation in Gisborne.

Welcome to Gisborne, the laidback city of surf! It’s the first city in the world to see the new day thanks to its location on the international dateline and with that, Gisborne sees plenty of sun for producing fruit for wine, ciders and more. Whether you can come out to the east coast to do a famous Eastland road trip, or have decided to work here as part of your working holiday, you are going to need to find some accommodation in Gisborne.Gisborne is a small city which is super easy to get around. With public transport and plenty of work opportunities, it’s the perfect place to stay awhile. As for just visiting, there are limited but great choices for hostel accommodation, holiday parks and AirBnB. Freedom camping is commonly accepted in Gisborne, but do remember to read up on the restrictions below. You’ll find out about all the budget accommodations in this accommodation guide to Gisborne.

Which Gisborne Suburb To Find Accommodation?

Gisborne is a small city with very little suburbs. This makes it super easy to get around and the room rent prices are affordable. Gisborne even has its own public transport system too, so make sure you look that up at Public Transport in Gisborne. For more about Gisborne, check outGisborne Guide for BackpackersNote: CBD refers to Central Business District i.e. Gisborne city centre.

  • Gisborne Central Location: city centre,Distance from CBD: youre in it, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$150, Average hostel night: NZ$23.
  • Inner Kaiti Location: east of CBD,Distance from CBD: 3min drive/20min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$150, Average hostel night: NZ$27.
  • Kaiti – Location: east of CBD,Distance from CBD: 4min drive/40min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$140.
  • Outer Kaiti – Location: east of CBD,Distance from CBD: 6min drive/45min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$150.
  • Mangapapa Location: north of CBD,Distance from CBD: 6min drive/45min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$140.
  • Te Hapara Location: west of CBD,Distance from CBD: 5min drive/40min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$140.
  • Whataupoko – Location: northeast of CBD,Distance from CBD: 4min drive/20min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$120.©

Hostels in Gisborne

With only two backpacker hostels in Gisborne, you are limited for choice in this style of accommodation. Nevertheless, the hostels in Gisborne are walking distance from the city centre, plus they have a great homely atmosphere. The two hostels in Gisborne are:

Because of the limited number of hostels in Gisborne, we recommend booking in advance, especially in the summer season. If you are picky about your room type in hostel accommodation, you should book in advance whatever the season.Expect a night in a Gisborne hostel to be NZ$21-$27 per dorm-room bed per night. You can always keep the cost of living down along with an extended stay by working for accommodation in a Gisborne hostel. For tips, have a look atHow to Find Work for Accommodation in New Zealand.

Nik Lans on Unsplash© Nik Lanús on Unsplash

Renting a room in Gisborne

If you are on a working holiday in New Zealand and have landed a job in Gisborne then renting a room is common practice to keep the price to minimum when staying long-term.Expect room prices in Gisborne to be around NZ$150 per week. Thats a room to yourself in a flatshare or houseshare.For advice on how to find a room to rent in Gisborne, have a look at our6 Resources to Find a Room to Rent in New Zealand. We also recommend looking for rooms to rent in the Eastland Trader publication found in most convenience stores and gas stations.Finally, renting a room involves a more complicated process than staying in short-term accommodation, so get clued up by readingThe Paperwork Process of Renting or Flatting in New Zealand.

Toa Heftiba on Unsplash© Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Airbnb in Gisborne

Stay with a local in Gisborne! Airbnb, the online network of peoples spare rooms available for accommodation, is pretty popular in Gisborne, especially in Te Hapara, Inner Kaiti and Mangapapa.The average price for a room in Gisborne is between NZ$40 to $60 per night for single and double rooms. Well help you toward your first Airbnb stay with thisFREE NZ$45 credit.Consider an AirBnB room for more convenient suburban location and something different from the hostel or holiday park experience.For more information about Airbnb, check outEverything You Need to Know About Airbnb in New Zealandand10 Tips to Make the Most of Airbnb in New Zealand.

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Campgrounds and Holiday Parks in Gisborne

Gisborne is a camper-friendly city. It welcomes both freedom camping (with some restriction – read below) along with a range of commercial holiday parks to make use of the facilities.


For campervan powered sites and tent sites, check out the following holiday parks in Gisborne:

  • Waikanae Beach Top 10 Holiday Park in the city centre has tent and powered sites for NZ$20-$22 per person
  • Showgrounds Park Motor Camp in Te Hapara has tent and powered sites for NZ$18-$25 per person

Gisborne is one of the last remaining cities in New Zealand where you can freedom camp anywhere on public land (except parts of the Marina Car Park, reserves, sports grounds, nature reserves and beaches) as long as you have a mobile home, a caravan or certified self-contained vehicle. Freedom camping in a tent or in your car is prohibited.Camping inside any type of vehicle can occur in the designated freedom camping spots in Gisborne:

  • Kaiti Beach Car Park, Kaiti Road
  • Marina Car Park, Vogel Street – only on the line of car parks closest to the waterfront.

To let things continue this way, make sure you are respectful when freedom camping in Gisborne. The maximum time you can camp in a place is three days in a self-contained mobile home or caravan. When freedom camping, make sure you use your own amenities: toilet, shower, etc, and use public toilets, dump stations and dispose of rubbish responsibly.For information about camping, check outCamping in New ZealandandAccommodation Guide to Holiday Parks in New Zealand.

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